Chinese Silver Needle - Loose Tea


Hailing from the Fujian province and with a long dynastic history, Silver Needle white Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is storied and sophisticated. A favorite for group events and holidays, it makes appearances at many important occasions. Still, enthusiasts love to savor it alone, enjoying the night-like qualities that it offers when experienced in the quiet.

Delicate, dry, and slightly more caffeinated, this white tea is exemplary of the leaf's qualities, prepared with the harvesting of young buds meant to accentuate and simplify the white tea flavor, a favorite of tea lovers everywhere.

This highly prized tea is the immature bud and leaf of the first blooms or "Flush" with it's white down on the leaves and buds.  After a long resting period during the winter, these first buds are believed to pack an abundance of healthy goodness most desired and making it highly prized by tea lovers.  The tea has a very subtle sweetness that refined tea lovers have described as ethereal.

Base leaf: White Tea.
Health properties: Anti-oxidant rich.
Flavor strength: Subtle slightly sweet, Primary collection is all white, clear and dry without significant finish.
Caffeine: Mild to strong



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    Silver Needle Tea and Good Life Tea

    I recently read and hear very good thing about "Silver Needle White Tea" so I ordered 4 ounces from the "Good Life Tea" company. I didn't know much about the tea or the company, but thought I would give both a try. Ordering online from Good Life was very easy. My order was processed ASAP and I also received samples of other tea to try-- one of which I really love and plan to order more. I also found the Sliver Needle tea to have a good mild taste and I will purchase more. I am giving both 5 stars as I am very satisfied with the service and product.

    Thank you for your insightful and comprehensive review. We certainly appreciate hearing that you were pleased with your selection and the delivery of it.
    Great tea.

    This was part of my first order from Good Life and I was very happy. The tea came well packaged and was shipped quickly with some free samples of other teas. The white tea tastes great and I've enjoyed every cup. I recommend picking some up.

    Each of our white teas are really special. Try some others, we're sure you'll find some others you like!
    Silver needles is one of my favorites

    I'm not good at saying it tastes like currants or oak or anything. I like that it is clean, dry and light, lower caffeine than black so I can drink more of it. I prefer plain teas over flavored and greens and whites over blacks. This one fits all the bills. This is pretty much what I said the last time I reviewed. At least I (and the tea) are consistent! :-)

    Thank you for your insightful comments! We think you are 'spot on' in your evaluation of the Silver Needles.

    Chinese Silver Needle - Organic

    Thank you for letting us know of your top rating for Silver Needles. We couldn't agree more!
    I keep buying more.

    I love it so much. The tea arrives dry, colorful, and not crushed.

    It is said that Silver Needles are the 'best of the best'. So glad you discovered this Chinese treasure.