Ceylon - Organic Loose Black Tea


A classic black tea from Sri Lanka with a delicious clean tangy aroma, and refreshing citrus taste. 

Sri Lanka’s balmy island has been given many names. Its current name in Sanskrit means “resplendent island.” The British called it Ceylon, derived from another Indian word meaning “blood of a lion,” a term reserved for heroes. The Persians called it “Serendib”, from which the word serendipity was coined. And so it goes for any unsuspecting adventurer who takes a sip of this unassuming tea, bound to serendipitously discover a resplendent brew that truly is the hero of its own story. Along the bronze-hued beaches and temple ruins of that marvelous island, favorable trade winds have created many microclimates suitable for growing a diversity of teas. And the tropic climate has produced year-round harvests. This Ceylon is a classic black tea that lives up to its home-grown heritage. 

Smell it first. You’ll be greeted with a clean, tangy aroma. Take a sip. You’ll meet with a medium body imparting sweet citrus notes, like mandarin, and finish with a refreshing astringency.  Our organic Ceylon black loose leaf tea is a lovely balance of sweet and tart: a clean, refreshing, sipping adventure, whether served hot or cold, at any hour of the day.

Base leaf: Organic black tea.

Health properties: Antioxident properties and general restorative.

Flavor strength: Modest, Primary collection is tangy black, touched with citrics.

Caffeine: Medium

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Excellent black tea
We couldn't agree with you more concerning Ceylon. It is a joy to drink in the morning...or just about any time. Thank you for your review!
New purchase
Thank you for your positive review and the 5 stars.!
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Our Ceylon is certainly delicious and we are pleased to hear you are part of the fan club!