Blue Sapphire Loose Black Tea


A milder black tea from lush valleys of Kenya

Catch your breath and remind yourself of the glassy depths of the world of black teas. Start with the look of it: this brambly blend reveals its simplicity striking proposition at first glance. Cornflower is laid in all of its deep blue beauty atop the black tea that you know offers a mellow, afternoon-ready character. Clarity is key in this unassuming two-note tea, known for aiding focus and providing antioxidant support.

This hot black tea also isn't afraid to wield a sapphire-smooth kick: it's medium caffeine levels add to its rebellious naturalism. Kenya through and through – with a pointed, glassy collection of floral black notes. Named after the famed Kenyan gemstone, Blue Sapphire is as memorable as it looks. Let this exquisite black tea bring gentle flavor to your morning, afternoon, or evening.


Base leaf: Black tea from Tinderet, Great Rift Valley, Kenya.
orthodox production TGFOP - Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (in plain English means - super premium) 
Health properties: Focus enhancer reported. Antioxidant qualities known.
Flavor strength: Medium, cool. Bright and clean tending amber.  
Caffeine: Medium.
Grown and produced under certification of the ETP, (Ethical Tea Partnership) and Fair Trade.

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Blue sapphire loose black tea...
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