Black Currant Loose Leaf Black Tea


Put differently: currant's make for a polite house guest, one well suited to the clear, uncomplicated pleasures that a clean black tea has to offer. China black pairs and pairs and pairs. There's none that could accuse it of requiring a delicate partnership (like, say, the viscous, bushy Rooibos family) or of tending to dominate no matter what (looking at you, matchas). While those qualities make for their own unique rewards and fascinating blends; there's still a place firmly embedded in the heart of every tea lover for the elegance of a one-flavored black. And thus, here we have Black Currant. Dare we say that it's what you get the tea lover who has everything?  Full bodied with a berry-true currant flavor; this is the sort of tea that one lets rest on their tongue or even (after checking to ensure clear surroundings) swirls a bit in the cooler later-cup 


Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: Anti-oxident properties known.
Flavor strength: Moderate. Primary collection is current, berries over black.
Caffeine: Medium.

Customer Reviews

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Love Black Currant Tea

It has a rich taste that is great in the morning.

This fruity tea is just plain delicious and yes, couldn't be better in the morning!
Love the black currant tea!!!

I use the cold brew method overnight in my refrigerator and the tea is perfect every morning. The black currant tea is delicious!!!

We're convinced cold steeping is close to magic. So glad you found the Black Currant. Pretty wonderful!
Black Currant- Joy

Love the tart spark of the current over the richness of the black tea!

Black Currant seems to transport a person into the best moments of summer. We hope you'll continue to enjoy it for a long time to come!
Very good flavor

This was an excellent black currant tea - good flavor, not too tart or overpowering. The tea itself seems light, so use a little more than a teaspoon per cup, and steep it for a good 6 minutes.

Thanks for your suggestions, Jason. We appreciate your comments.
Our Go-To Tea!

My husband and I found this gem of a shop while wandering down main street this summer. We loved the friendly, wonderful service and purchased several teas, including the Black Currant. It is our FAVORITE. It smells sooo good and doesn't get bitter like other black teas if you accidentally steep it too long. We drink it almost every day. We order it online now because its hard to get to the store during open hours. They ship it FAST, and the teas are always professionally packaged. They also include samples, helping us to branch out a little with flavors we might not try otherwise! We will continue to be loyal customers.

Thanks Kaitlin for the wonderful review. We tasted several Black Currant teas before we settled on this one. So glad you liked it. Another popular tea is Decaf Raspberry. its great before bedtime since its decaf.