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Autumn Memories - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea

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Autumn Memories: A Symphony of Fall Flavors in Every Sip

Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of fall with our Autumn Memories luxury organic loose leaf fruit tea. Inspired by the rich tapestry of colors and cozy sensations of the autumn season, this blend captures the essence of harvest festivities and memories of brisk afternoons.

An International Melange of Flavors

Sourced from the diverse landscapes of Turkey, Egypt, China, and Thailand, every component in Autumn Memories is selected with the utmost care. Sweet apple 🍎 and earthy carrot 🥕 pieces set the stage for this blend, while the deep red hibiscus offers a tart counterpoint. The warmth of cinnamon intertwines with the exotic twist of pomegranate peel. Beet pieces and cardamom lend depth, and the touch of pumpkin pieces pays homage to the quintessential symbol of fall.

Sea buckthorn, a unique component known for its medicinal properties, not only infuses the tea with health benefits but also adds a delightful tanginess. This blend is a testament to the myriad of flavors that the season has to offer.

Healthful Indulgence

Autumn Memories is more than just a flavor sensation. Packed with antioxidants, this blend offers a healthful indulgence. The inclusion of sea buckthorn, renowned for its medicinal properties, elevates the tea to a wellness drink. Whether you're sipping to unwind or to nourish your body, this tea delivers on both fronts.

Caffeine-Free Comfort

With zero caffeine, Autumn Memories is a blend you can enjoy anytime, day or night. Whether you're curling up with a book on a chilly evening or gazing out at the colorful fall foliage in the afternoon, this tea is your perfect companion. It’s as comforting hot as it is refreshing when served cold.

Source: Turkey / Egypt / China / Thailand

Ingredients: Apple, Carrot, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Pomegranate Peel, Beet Pieces, Cardamom, Sea Buckthorn, Pumpkin Pieces, and natural flavors (all organic compliant).

Steeping Information: 1 TSP per Cup; Steep at 212 F for 5-7 minutes

Caffeine Content: None

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Katie Lyford (New York, US)
Warm & cozy in a mug!!

This is by far one of the most delicious beverages I’ve ever had! I drink it plain/hot, iced/cold brew, I make double brews and then use it in my homemade electrolyte drink, mix it with coffee or other teas… sometimes I add milk and or maple syrup… it is just so yummy.

Thanks Katie! What a wonderful review for this new tea. We love your ideas and will pass them on.

Michelle Hunzek (Rochester, US)
Autumn Memories is a daily delight

Autumn Memories is a delightful new morning tea ritual for me ! The addition of honey enhances its flavor profile, giving it a sweet and comforting touch. This tea is a wonderful daily ritual, providing moments of warmth and relaxation.
Its light color during steeping is unexpected when there is a warmth and comfort in each sip. It’s part of my daily routines, bringing joy and relaxation.
Autumn Memories has a way of connecting with our senses, not just through taste, but also through its aroma, warmth, and the overall experience of preparing and savoring it.
Tea can be a great companion, offering moments of reflection and a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's wonderful to find a tea that brings such joy and comfort. Cheers to the simple pleasures found in a warm cup of Autumn Memories!

Wow! What a wonderful review of one of our newest teas. Thank you so much, Michelle! We love hearing that you are enjoying this tea on so many levels. We hope that it helps you to recall your own memories of Autumn and that you continue to enjoy it! Happy sipping! :)