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Assam - Organic Loose Black Tea

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Assam is the main ingredient of all breakfast teas. It adds the brisk or astringent flavor. 

What’s the best part of a morning routine? Many people would say coffee, but the epicureans among us may say tea. If you are a true tea aficionado, you are a fan of Assam tea and if you are a tea-lover who hasn’t tried Assam, you will be a big fan. So intense and yet smooth, this tea appeals to both the palate of a reluctant tea drinker and that of a gourmet. But, for those who know tea, Organic Assam is a staple drink.

Robust, complex and pungent describes the lush and intense tea leaves, big and dark, hailing from the Assam region of India. Organic, this black tea is the fruit of cool nights and hot days, hallmarks of the perfect tea-growing climate.  

Substantial and malty, this breakfast tea is cream of the crop—of the tea crop, that is. To call Organic Assam a breakfast tea is to undercut its superiority—it is far more than a breakfast tea—it is the breakfast tea—the essential wake-up call, the motivating afternoon pick-me-up. Moderate in caffeine contact, this smooth, intense tea cajoles you into your day, promising it will be a good one. Pair a fine cup of tea with a buoyant attitude, a spritely step and a clear mind, and you can take on your day, thanks to the superior black breakfast tea.

A must have staple for any tea drinker. Stock up now. 

Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: Energy restorative, mild caffeine.
Flavor strength: Full, Primary collection is smooth black
Caffeine: Mild

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mariko Brook (Tucson, US)

Assam - Organic Loose Black Tea

Thank you, Mariko! We are glad to hear you are enjoying your Assam tea! Happy sipping! :)

Barbara Seeling (Canandaigua, US)
Assam organic loose black tea

My friends at Good Life Tea are very much aware of my obsession with this full bodied tea! I love to put this tea on ice, on it's own or as a base to blend with other teas or tisanes. It's ability to hold up to ice makes it an essential at my house and I'm rarely without a tall glass at my side. I love to add some raw sugar to balance it's astringency but it's also great on it's own. A splash of lemon works well, too. As a hot drink I tend to prefer it over an Earl Grey. It's a straight up strong black tea that I find essential in my tea-loving life.

Hi Barbara~ Thank you for sharing all your insights regarding bold and beautiful Assam. I'm sure readers of your review will try some of your suggestions!
Sip on~ Susan

ray (Clifton Springs, US)
Assam Tea

What can you say? It is a great tea that pairs well with anything. We use it to blend with other teas.

Our favorite is Cinnamon Spice and Assam!

Don’t hesitate this is an outstanding tea.

Thanks again Good Life Tea!

We will see you soon as always!

Ray, you are a great supporter of Good Life Tea and an avid fan of your favorite teas. We appreciate your business and always look forward to serving you!