African Autumn - Loose Rooibos Tea


The famed mild-yet-substantial Rooibos blends of South Africa make for transportative experiences no matter what other flavors find their way into the blend. This tea is instantly recognizable as rooibos – which makes for all the more fun and skill when blends are based on this red leaf. And when they work, there's little to match their fragrant plainsland richness. Honey and heat, air and aroma. Autumn below the Sahara. If that sounds like the ideal way to experience a lush, slyly complex tea, then you'll want to pay close attention to this singular rooibos. With the viscosity and warmth found only in rooibos, African Autumn takes its flavor collection to some unexpected places: allowing for orange and cranberry to bring a citrus-sweet roundness to the flavor.

Naturally caffeine-free, this is a bracing tisanal that brings to mind the plainslands where the famous red bushes grow. The ingenuity of adding sweet orange and tart cranberry makes for a strident, if never overwhelming flavors. Striking and recognizable; this autumn rooibos begs to be added to the languid afternoon of anyone who has ever marveled at the beauty of open land: not to mention the infusion of its herbal sweetness into a misleadingly simple red leaf tea. Full in the mouth with only faint vegetal stringency, African Autumn's final notes will delight and tantalize for hours after the last sip has been savored. Don't let this Autumn pass by.

Base leaf: Rooibos tea.
Health properties: Anti-oxidant, sleep aid.
Flavor strength: Full, Primary collection is citrus red.
Caffeine: None.

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Great Teas
Thank you Doris! If you peruse our inventory online or in our store, you'll find many similar teas to what Teavana carried. There are some differences though as we don't have sugar in our teas and our prices are a whole lot more reasonable. We like to think it's more fun and educational to purchase from us, but you be the judge. We are pleased to have you as a customer!
Unique tea!
Earthy balance
Thank you for your insightful comment. We couldn't agree more!