10 Activities to Ignite Your Fall Romance

Create memorable experiences. Have a nice cup of tea afterwards to recap and unwind. Snuggle up with tea and kindle that romance.  

10. Show your nurturing side. Repot those summer plants into larger pots. The loving care you give your beloved plants will speak volumes about you.  The plants will reciprocate and your touch will not go un-noticed.  Water, nourish and watch things bloom. Then tea and enjoy.

9. Take a romantic walk on a wooded trail. Take in the foliage and enjoy the smells of fall. Kick up some lA walk in the woods then share a cup of tea to get her to fall in loveeaves, hold hands, frolic then pick a quiet rest spot and break out a thermos of Hot Cinnamon Spice Black Tea. Share a cup. Take in the air and the smells. Be present in the moment. Take a mental snapshot and selfie. A memory to cherish with your fine cup of spicy tea. But get going because the sun is setting.  The softening light makes it easy to slip away together into your own world.  

After the leaves were raked couple


8. Rake some leaves. Sure its got to be done, so make it fun. Play in them, toss them around. Be young and light hearted. The upside is you got a great work out.  You might feel it in the morning, but making it fun is worth it.  Cherish the fall and embrace the cool.  Get warm with a nice cup of tea.

7. Go see a football game. Put a sweater on and climb the bleachers and cheer on the local HS team. They still have heart and soul. Open your thermos of Hot Cinnamon Spice. Ahh the cinnamon... will warm your souls and open your hearts.

5. Make a roaring fire. Nothing like a cozy fire enjoyed on your couch with a comfy blanket to create a little togetherness. Kick off your shoes and play a little footsie. A little fun, a little tea makes a memorable moment. 
Fireplace lovers enjoying a cup of tea


4. Carve a pumpkin. If you want to keep it simple, break out the markers and just draw. Channel your inner artist and get creative. Take a pic and share it on social media with lots of heart emojis. Keep the convo going..

3. Bake a pie - Apple or Pumpkin. Nothing says Fall better than a nice pie coupled with a nice hot cup of tea.  Eat, Drink Love.

2. Go on a hay ride. Fall festivals have become plentiful. Many include corn mazes, bouncy houses, hay rides and pumpkin patches. Spend a day out in the fall sunshine. Dress warm in case she gets a chill.  Nothing like a warm sweater and a cup of organic Cranberry Apple fruit tea. Light and refreshing a perfect compliment for the day.

1. Pick some apples. This is a classic fall activity. Walk the orchard take in the crisp air while plucking plump apples. Bring home a bag of apples, put on the kettle and brew up either Scottish Caramel Puerh or Hot Cinnamon Spice. Goes great with with those cider donuts. Yum. MMMMMM. Do a recap of your day and look at all the selfies you took. The memories of lifetime.  TEA = LOVE

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