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Try your luck o' the Irish with these collections!

St. Patrick's Day Collections





Irish vs. English - Preference Anyone?
$ 18.50
In this set, we are helping you all decide the answer to the age old question for tea drinkers, "Do you prefer Irish breakfast tea or English breakfast tea?".  You will receive 4 ounces total; two of each variety.  In our English breakfast tea, you will find a full bodied black tea, that is a bit astringent. We suggest you drink it just as the English do; with a splash of milk and a spoonful of sugar!  Similarly, but with a definite flavor profile of it's own, our Irish breakfast tea is again, strong. The Irish drink more tea per capita than anyone else in the world so they certainly know what they are doing!  Once you receive this set, let us know your thoughts, what do you and the other lads and ladies in your life prefer, English or Irish? 
Going Green - The Favorites!
$ 25.50
When you think of St. Patrick's Day, your mind is no doubt flooded with images of a particular color - green!  That is the inspiration for our "Going Green - The Favorites!" St. Patrick's Day Set. In this set we have included a total of 5 ounces of our top three green teas! We started with 2 ounces of our Kyoto Cherry Rose. This is our most popular green tea by far. It begins with a base Sencha-style organic green tea that is then, highlighted with rose petals and subtle cherry flavors. With a mild caffeine content, it is ready to be enjoyed all day long!  Next, we added 2 ounces of our Citron Green. This is another crowd pleaser. It, again, is s base organic green tea that features sweet, lemon-y, and refreshing notes. For those new to the green tea area of the tea world, this is perfect...
To Shade or Not to Shade
$ 19.50
Sometimes you just can't take the heat and need a little break in the shade! There is nothing wrong with that!  In this St. Patrick's Day Set, we have included a total of 3 ounces of 2 of our green teas that are grown primarily in this coveted shade!  We began with 2 ounces of our Japanese Sencha tea. This green tea is grown in the shade which allows it to really develop the green, grassy notes that so many green tea drinkers search for. Hailing from the foothills of Mount Fuji, you will taste subtle citrus and toasted notes a top the organic green tea base.  Next, you will find an ounce of our Gyokuro. This tea is unique in that it is initially grown in sunlight, only to then be moved to darkness for the remainder of its development. This allows for chlorophyll production and again, creates a...
Try your luck o' the Irish with these collections!