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Good Life Tea is pleased to offer the best loose teas. We offer only loose teas as we believe it offers the best flavor. Our teas are sourced from around the world. Tea grows best in hot humid climates like those found in China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and Africa. However, like wine each growing area produces raw tea leaves that vary significantly. Combined with the different techniques used to process the leaves, creates an even larger diversity in styles and flavors. Our collection of over 100 loose teas offers a wide overview of teas that are popular to Americans tea drinkers.

This pages shows every tea we offer. Use our menu to look for the various styles such as Green Teas or Flavored Black Teas.  An alternative way to find your tea would be to navigate by Tea Category.  Here we have listed our teas by Organic, Sleep Ease etc.  

Black Tea - Most black teas are grown in the former English colonies like India, Sir Lanka, and parts of the Africa. Black tea was actually introduced to the English by the Chinese.  The Chinese actually prefer green tea but they choose to sell the English black tea.  The reason they did was probably the fact that black tea would travel better than the more delicate the green teas.  The English loved tea so much that it created a trade deficit and then war.  Read the blog post about the Opium War.

Flavored Black Teas To add a little flavor to plain black teas, blenders added flavoring to teas.  An old favorite recipe is Earl Grey which is made with the addition of an Italian citrus Bergamot.   Our most popular tea happens to be a flavored black tea called Hot Cinnamon Spice.  With it deep spicy flavor powered by cinnamon and clove it has been called Christmas in cup.  The cloves creates a sweet counterpoint to the cinnamon.  This classic tea is also available in decaf and makes a great night time tea.

Whatever style of tea you like, we offer over 100 teas to choose from.  

Green Tea - Green tea is most popular in Japan and China.  In Japan the variety of green tea is limited but in China there are many more varieties.  One of our more popular Chinese tea is Jasmine Dragon Pearls.  

White Tea - White tea is probably the oldest of the teas as the leaves are only dried. Its hard to know since tea was discovered 2737 BC and fact and legend are hard to separate. At first tea was probably brewed as green leaves and perhaps some were dried and preserved to enjoy in the colder seasons.  

Oolong Teas - are half way between green and black tea in color and taste.  The oxidation or the agitation of the leaves which causes the leaf to be crushed. The amount of this oxidation is greatly reduced in the making of Oolong teas.

Herbal & Fruit Tea  This final catagory is a catch all for the non -teas. Technically speaking tea comes from a specific plant called Camellia sinensis. Americans call anything that is steeped in hot water tea. In French, Tisane means infusion and we refer to our fruit and herbal teas as such.  Our tisanes contain flowers like hibiscus, herbs like rose hip, fruit like mango, apple and pineapple. 

Our herbal selection also includes straight herbs like chamomile, ginger etc.  Lots of customers like to drink the herbals straight or mixed into other teas.  A popular blend is green tea with a pinch of lavender.

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