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Mobiles - Shapes, Balance and Movement

All great cups of tea have one thing in common: they inspire reflection. Whether a rolling-along-the-tongue Oolong or a brisk Chamomile sip; tea is a thinking person's beverage. This is why Good Life Teas is proud to announce a new element to our graceful practice.

As the twentieth century reached its mid-point, Christian Flensted developed the modern mobile; a movable – and moving – grace note with the capacity to bring any room a sense of calm and order.

Mobiles are representative. Some dance with the timidness of youth: themed with animals or sparse elementary items. Others soar: expressing the expanses of space in a small contained area. All mobiles blend delicacy and fragility with clear, in-motion imagery. Themes vary, but every mobile brings a whole story to the fingertips of those near it.

As you enjoy our Good Life Teas, consider the variety and selection of flavours. In the same breath, our Flensted mobiles offer the spice of a diverse collection.

From children's “Kitty Kat” rigs to molecular models describing complex scientific structure; mobiles are as versatile in their use as they are lovely to see.

Made with care in a fifty-year old Danish tradition; Flensted mobiles represent more than meets the eye, and their calming effect goes beyond simple pleasure.

Flensted mobiles last. Like the lingering taste of tea, they offer a temporary image of something larger and less bound to time. Sensory encounters best shared with the ones you love: Good Life Tea and Flensted mobiles.

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