Holiday Gift Sets 2021

These collections have been specially curated for you this year!





These collections have been specially curated for you this year!
Dessert Without Guilt
$ 12.00
Do you or someone you know have a sweet tooth but are trying to avoid the calories that come along with those delicious but pesky desserts? Why not try this collection that gives you all of the sweet that you are looking for, without the guilt! This collection includes an ounce of each of these yummy teas:   1. Florence - Robust flavors of chocolate and hazelnuts 2. Scottish Caramel Puerh - Decadent sweetness combines with a smooth, flavorful black tea 3. Vanilla Chai - Savory Indian spices with underlying vanilla notes Let us know what you think! 
Start It Up!
$ 19.00
If you are looking to get someone on your list started on their journey with tea, or just want to share your love of this beloved drink with them, this is the perfect gift set for them!  This tea newbie will receive 2 ounces of our delicious Cream of Earl Grey tea (classic Earl Grey, mellowed a bit with vanilla notes), along with 2 ounces of our most popular Hot Cinnamon Spice! They also will receive 20 of our DIY Teabags that we have seen rookies absolutely love! 
Holiday Favorites!
$ 32.00
This is our deal of the year! These two teas are our most popular, by far! With this Holiday Favorite's Collection, scoop up 4 ounces of each of them for all those on your list for only $32! You will receive 4 ounces of our Hot Cinnamon Spice alongside another 4 ounces of our Kyoto Cherry Rose! 
Zen Sampler
$ 24.00
It's 2021; we all need a little "Zen" in our lives nowadays. This tea collection adds just that. If you want to send some peace someone's way, or you are needing things to add to your own Christmas list, why not try seeking some serenity in 2 ounces of the following three teas?  1. Orange - Crisp citrus decaf black tea 2. Belgian Chocolate Rooibos - Caffeine free, Chocolaty with a minty finish.  Good at bedtime 3. Blue Eyes - Fruit and herbal tea - slightly tart, slightly sweet Keeping with the Zen theme, these are all decaf and caffeine free as well! Namaste! 
Holiday Hot Cinnamon Spice Tin - Holiday Special!
$ 40.00
Do you have someone in your family that is just a HUGE fan of our Hot Cinnamon Spice? We have just the right gift for them! This year we have decided to run a special on our Hot Cinnamon Spice in this size. In this beautifully packaged black tin, you will find 12 ounces of our most popular tea - our black Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. It is the perfect tea to sip by the fire as you enjoy the holiday season with your family!
Romantic Interlude
$ 16.00
Are you at a loss for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life? I always find that tea is the gift that keeps on giving. These two teas were chosen for this collection as they have romantic notes. Our Autumn Sunset is a herbal infusion with a minty, fresh finish. Last Mango in Paris is our most popular tisane fruit tea that is beaming with luscious mangoes! You receive 2 ounces of each in this collection! 
$ 16.00
With everything going on this year, we have all been subjected to canceling well-deserved and long-awaited travel plans. We want to help ease that sting! Try our "Staycation" collection that allows you to roam the streets of Florence as well as prance in Paris without leaving the comfort of your own home!  Our Florence tea, also in our "Dessert Without Guilt" Collection, is a black tea that features notes of both chocolate and hazelnut! Paris, conversely, has highlights of both sophisticated fruits and vanilla!  This collection comes with 2 ounces of each!