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68 Ounce Glass Iced Tea Pitcher (Jug) - Serve Hot or Cold

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  • Steeping Instructions

    1 teaspoon per 8 oz of water. Fluffy leaves like some Oolongs, use 2 teaspoons. For stronger tea use more tea.   There is no hard and fast rules on steeping except over steeping may make tea bitter.   If you are unsure, try cooler water and shorter steeping times. Below are general steeping instructions.  For best results, follow the steeping instructions that came with your tea.
    To estimate water temperature use a thermometer or wait a 2-3 minutes after the water stops boiling. Then the water temperature should be about 165- 185 F. You can gauge water temperature by looking at the bubbles forming at the bottom of the tea kettle.  When pin size bubbles form, the water temperature is about 185F. To take the guess work out of water temperatures, try our electric tea kettle.

    Tea Type Steeping Temperature Steeping Time
    White Tea  170-185 F 1-3 minutes
    Green Tea 170-185 F 2-3 minutes
    Oolong Tea 170-190 F 2-3 minutes
    Black Tea 200-212 F 3-5 minutes
    Tisanes 212 F 4-7 minutes

       Fruit and herbal teas are also referred to as tisanes.


This is a serious pitcher, for serious people, who drink serious iced tea.   

If you are hosting a large family gathering, hydrating a sports team, or working in the garden all day, this is the iced tea pitcher for you.  Its 68 ounce capacity means that it holds more than half a gallon of tea.  And, it's unique large-basket design and high-quality materials means that you can brew your teas right in this pitcher, all in less than ten minutes. 





Why is there a large metal tube in my pitcher?

 That is the infuser basket!  Th e key to a good cup of tea, other than having great tea leaves, using clean water, and following the steeping instructions, is having a large infuser basket.  This pitcher has a spacious infuser basket that make steeping half a gallon of even large-leafed teas, such as Citron Green or White Peach,so easy.  The stainless steel infuser basket can brew a beautiful clear pitcher of tea. The whole push down lid assembly   is removable to make cleaning your pitcher super easy.

Brew your teas right in the pitcher!

 This pitcher is made of borosilicate glass more commonly known as pyrex.  This means that you can brew your loose tea and ice it, right in the pitcher, without any fear of it shattering.  Simply add your tea to the infuser basket (we recommend using about 8 teaspoons), pour boiling water over it, and when it is done steeping, remove the infuser basket, add cold water or ice cubes to chill it.  Removing the tea infuser basket  will prevent the tea from continuing to steep, thus preventing over-steeping.   

Since the infuser goes very deep into the infuser, you can brew smaller amounts of tea. To ensure a good infusion, make sure you fill the pitcher with at least 3 inches of clean water.

Cold Steeping - an alternative method

If you prefer not to boil water, you can cold brew your tea. Simply add tea and water and place the teapot in the fridge for 4-6 hours. Remove infuser and serve. Pretty simple and no hot stoves to stoves to deal with.

Light weight, heavy-duty

Because this pitcher is made of borosilicate glass, it is much lighter than it's tempered glass peers.  In spite of being able to brew and hold more than half a gallon of tea, it weighs just 1.3 pounds when empty.  If the infuser is removed, it is even lighter, weighing just 1.15 pounds!  This pitcher is large enough to keep drinks filled at a large family gathering, but light enough too be easily passed around the table.   

What's your favorite color?

 We carry this pitcher with red, lime, turquoise, orange, black, and white accents.  Regardless of the color scheme happening in your kitchen, one of these pitchers should match your decor.

Suggested Teas:

If you're looking for a loose tea to brew in your new iced tea  pitcher, we recommend starting with these.

Pina Colada- This tea tastes, quite simply, like summer.  It is a complex blend of coconut, mango, pineapple, and apples but tastes just like its name summer time cocktail. white peach summer iced tea loose tea

White Peach- This is a fresh, delicate tea.  White teas are much less bitter than greens or blacks, with a more subtle flavor.  That subtlety allows the peach notes of this tea to truly shine.  It's a sweet summer afternoon transformed into an antioxidant-rich tea.

Blue Sapphire- This is the tea for people who are looking for 'plain' tea.  This is an unflavored black tea, with a very middle-of-the-road profile.  Black teas can vary widely depending upon where they are grown.  These can range from very the bold and astringent Indian  Ceylon to the more mild and sweet Chinese Keemun Panda #1.  Blue Sapphire is a Kenyan tea, and it's flavor is about as standard as you're going to find in our shop.  No surprises here.

Black Currant- If you're playing the universal appeal angle, but still want something distinctly summery, this may be the loose tea for you.  Black currant is a traditionally English delight, with strong berry notes accompanied by a rich black tea.  It's a little bit sweet, a little bit savory, and every bit wonderful. This will make a memorable iced tea at your party.

Citron Green- This fresh green tea is made even more crisp by the addition of citrus.  While Citron Green can be difficult to brew properly in traditional tea balls, because the leaves expand so much,  Your new Moroccan Mint loose green peppermint iced tea infuser basket will handle this tea with no problems.  The citrus in this tea cuts through the grassy, vegetable-y flavor that tends to turn some people off from green teas.  If you're looking for something even more refreshing, we recommend Moroccan Mint.  This green tea is given a cool and refreshing boost by the addition of peppermint.  The taste is reminiscent of mint juleps, but the antioxidant content is that of a green tea.  


Looking for something a little different?

Does giving up 18 ounces of brewing capacity sound worth getting a more elegant design, and the capacity to cold-brew?  If so, check out our slightly smaller, but more versatile cold-steeping pitcher.  cold-steeping loose tea pitcher

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Perfect pitcher

Love this pitcher! I as so happy to find this glass pitcher to make flavored ice tea.

68 Ounce Glass Iced Tea Pitcher for the WIN!

Bought this 68 Ounce Glass Iced Tea Pitcher to replace my 50 Ounce Pitcher, which we really enjoyed, but this one is SO MUCH BETTER! I love that I can remove the tea leaves after brewing. The basket is also easier to clean than the strainer lid from the 50. Highly recommend. I might need a second.

I really love cold brewed tea. It's so easy with this pitcher and so yummy. The Berry Berry is my absolute favorite and has helped me give up soda.

Thank you for your enthusiastic endorsement of the large Mist pitcher. It only goes to show 'more is better'!
Exactly what I was looking for

I have been replacing my plastic containers with glass for some time now. I had yet to replace the plastic pitcher I made my iced tea, so I started looking for that replacement. Amazon had several heavy pitchers that looked great but when you read the descriptions they always stated not to pour boiling water into them. I finally got smart and just did a web search for iced tea pitchers that could take boiling water and "ta-da", this one came up. The pitcher is wonderful and well made. It is sturdy without being too heavy. The bonus is with the insert,you can also brew loose tea. I would recommend this pitcher to anyone who makes iced tea at home!!!!!

Deborah, we're pleased, you're pleased! Cold steeping is also so simple in the Mist pitchers. Little effort (no boiling needed) results in excellent taste.
Great tea pitcher but glass is thin

Just got this to replace a similar plastic tea pitcher I had gotten from Teavana. Like the metal and glass construction of this one much better, but I wish the glass was heavier - more like a Pyrex measuring cup. This is so thin that every time I place it down on our hard counter I'm afraid it's going to break. Also, if they come out with a new model it would be great to see one with this capacity, but that's tall and thin like the 50 oz one they sell or the Teavana plastic one, so that it can fit in a refrigerator door. That all being said, I do recommend this....but heavier and thinner would be even better!

Thanks for your feedback. We'll be sure to pass you comments on to the manufacturer.

We are heavy iced tea drinkers and this is perfect. We used to used a glass gallon jug which it heavy when full, this is very light weight but sturdy.

Your comments about the large Mist are spot on! Because the large 68 ounce Mist pitcher is fairly new to us, we particularly appreciate your letting letting us know.your opinion of it.
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