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Decaf English Breakfast Loose Leaf Black Tea

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Just the right measure of astringency, not too brisk. Perfectly English.

This firm blend of loose leaf tea has earned the right to its name. What else can you call the quietly noble mission of proving that a hearty black tea that is utterly without pretension or frills can be elevated to a place of favor? And not just favor, but a sense that the tea trade's finest effects were on bringing together a world of common ground based on this beloved herbal drink.


Based around a firm black tea, this naturally decaffeinated mix is, alongside Earl Grey, one of the widest professed favorites among world tea drinkers. Its clear, filling aroma crosses language, time, and spacial barriers to create a shared memory of clear, languid mornings spent chasing after family members' shoes and hoping for a chance to try someone's breakfast tea. Hot and likely to be host to this sweetener English Breakfast offers a rich and satisfying experience even as it allows the body a calm, clean bit of luxury without caffeine.

Tea leaves from Assam and Kenya form the core of this tea's comforting, hearty flavor collection. Travel is central to its character and narrative. One senses distance and even adventure in it, adding to the longstanding popularity of this tisinal, with which many have maintained their sense of purpose and simple pleasure even as they've been inspired to explore the world of more exotic teas.

To enjoy this blend is to remember. Get lost in nostalgia and emerge clearer and more satisfied than ever.

Base leaf: Black tea
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties.
Flavor strength: Full, direct. Primary collection is a pleasing straight black.
Caffeine: None.  CO2 decaffination method - the current gold standard.




Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Michael Bonn (Chicago, US)

Delicious teas! Will order from here again.

Thanks so much Michael! We look forward to continuing to provide premium loose leaf tea to you in the future!

Susan Hamilton (Alamo, US)
Great Black Teas

I’ve been looking for a long time for black teas to replace the tea I previously bought at Pete’s Coffee. This is it! The Earl Grey with Lavender is delicious and the russian black tea, that Pete’s discontinued, is delicious. Enjoy

Hi Susan~ Thanks for the stars and the double delicious mention. We appreciate it!

T. (Colorado Springs, US)
Decaf teas

It’s very difficult to find GOOD decaf teas! SO, if you’re looking for a rich, not bitter or weird tasting decaf English Breakfast this is the one you’ll want!
Not to mention the customer service with this company. As far as I’m concerned, Good Life tea is very appropriately named….it definitely enhances our daily lives!
Thanks Susan and all!

Tracy, your comments truly made our day here at Good Life Tea! I happen to be one of those people who can't consume much caffeine so decaf and caffeine teas are important to me. I'm so glad you got in touch! ~Susan