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Decaf Darjeeling Loose Leaf Black Tea

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Darjeeling, the “Queen of Teas”

This luxury tea is found in the choicest groves in the lowlands around the Himalayan mountains. It's high-borne character speaks to the rarity of this tea's character: a brisk, light color that offers up initial aromas of sweet, floral, keen qualities. From color to flavor, Darjeeling is rightly often described as autumnal, drawing mid-level notes from its cool land of origin. An estate tea, this blend is carefully curated to preserve the same methods that have made it a standing favorite for so long.


With its citrus brightness and a medium body beneath, Darjeeling rests with royal bearing, neither overbearing nor over flavored. Rather it represents the same, ineffable sensual experience that first drew the west to the concept of royal tea. Something both here and there, both floral and clear. Among the large brown leaves are smaller green flakes that spread out the balance in this blend. It hardly resists definition: one immediately knows when one tastes it.

Enjoy Darjeeling, the “Queen of Teas”, reflective, slightly sweet, a classic.

Base leaf: Black
Health properties: Anti carcinogenic qualities, stomach-positive properties. Anti-oxidant properties.
Flavor strength: Medium, citrus. Primary collection is citrus over autumnal black.
Caffeine: None.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Donna W Griffin

The label did not say decaf. I kept it because I like Darjeeling anyway.

We are so sorry about this mix up but so appreciate this review and that you enjoyed your tea! Happy sipping!

Felicity Devlin (Tacoma, US)
Best-tasting decaf I've found

Given my choice, I wouldn't drink decaf tea. So I am really happy to have found this Darjeeling that retains the brisk, lively tang that I want in a tea. Decaf tea usually tastes like a tea that's died or has somehow gone flat. But this one is enjoyable to drink!

Thanks for your review. Felicity You are absolutely correct!

Maryann W. (Seattle, US)
Nice Decaf Darjeeling

Good decaf teas are hard to find in general. This one is nice! So many taste rather dead, flat and like cardboard. But Good Life's decaf darjeeling has a nice balance and doesn't have those uninspiring traits. Plus I love getting the little encouraging messages I find in my packages.

Maryann, your kind words added sparkle to our day. Thank you for your observations and support!