Caffeine Free Loose Leaf Teas

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Our herbal and fruit teas are naturally caffeine free teas.  Unlike decaffeinated or decaf teas, these teas never had any caffeine content.  Decaf Teas are teas that had their caffeine removed.  Decaf teas will have very small residual amounts of caffeine - about 2 milligrams.  If you are very sensitive to caffeine, try our caffeine free teas.

Learn the difference between Decaf and Caffeine Free teas.
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Our caffeine free teas are a delicious blend of loose leaf herbal and fruit teas and are kid safe. All our caffeine free teas are naturally sweet with the exception of C-of Tranquility which has a very small amount of amber rock sugar added to take the edge of the tart hibiscus and rose hip.

Rooibos is also part of the caffeine free loose leaf collection.  Rooibos is a South African herbal which is naturally caffeine free and is high in Anti-Oxidants.  Learn more about Caffeine free Rooibos teas - Rooibos from our blog post