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C of Tranquility - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea

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A super blend of sleepy time organic herbs consisting of Chamomile flowers, Peppermint and Rooibos.

The immortal words uttered from the moon wouldn't have been possible without one special letter: C. Or, more accurately, the “sea” that we hear in that letter. Parallel is the literal Sea of Tranquility – a dried oceanbed on the moon that rippled to life for the briefest moment when the Apollo lunar module touched down years ago. But the C also represents the Vitamin C plentiful in this tisane.

Like that one letter, the word “tranquility” contains much. Feelings of peace and rest and the binding of the two. Just as not all rest or sleep is peaceful; not all teas are equal in their effect on the mind and body. We drink different tisanals at different times and with different intent.

C of Tranquility is a unique blend with a flavor collection that deserves a mouth-watering alert simply when read aloud. To whit: you'll taste chamomile, rosehips, hibiscus, and blueberry.

Some teas claim to sumptuously blend business with pleasure. We believe that the two require little space in most cases; and the chance to make their own statement. Thus, while it can be enjoyed any time and for any reason, we nonetheless are excited about C of Tranquility as our own bedtime blend.

Whatever your needs, schedule, or style, you'll slip easily into this chamomile dream and find rest. Long day? Take a load off in the brisk floral bliss of the first sip. Want an extra spring in your step? Note the sprightly gardenial sense of this cup.

Morning, noon, or night; find your tranquility with or without physical rest. Find it in a tea that – like peace of mind – is elusive yet attainable. Find it in one, two, three, A, B, C. 

Base leaf: Dried Fruits, chamomile and herbs. 

Health properties: Sleep aid.

Flavor strength: Mild fruit notes. Brisk.

Caffeine: None.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Christine Zielinski (Pittsford, US)
Lovely Tea

This tea has become my evening habit. The taste is delicious and the effect is calming. What a perfect sip especially on a cold winter night - and I believe it will be perfect in all the other seasons, too!

Christine, thank you for your insights. I'm a fan of C of Tranquility made in my Mist Iced Tea Pitcher and it sounds like you might be a fan as well. ~Susan

Tori (Toronto, CA)

After battling insomnia for almost a year, melatonin alone was not enough. A friend suggested chamomile tea and right away I knew I would need a good quality tea because I never really liked chamomile tea. That was before I tried the Chamomile from this shop. I bought C of Tranquility and the Egyptian Delta Nile Chamomile and I was right, I needed a premium quality tea because both are delicious! The C of Tranquility has a fruity taste that makes it fun to drink, however the Egyptian Delta Nile is more efficacious in overcoming my insomnia and so I drink it every night. I sleep 5 or 6 hours rather than 2 or 3 (or not at all), and it's a good, deep sleep, I finally wake up refreshed. Thank goodness! Since I like both teas, most times I add a bit of the C of Tranquility to the Egyptian Nile in a cup for the fruit taste. I love my purchases and my sleep! Thanks so much!

It's so rewarding to hear back from a customer after a tea recommendation is made. You have discovered our Chamomile and a favorite, C of Tranquility. Now you may want to also try Gentle Slumber and Sleep Better that contains Valerian, a great sleep enhancer. Another option would be lavender and Lakeside Calm, named for Canandaigua, might just do the trick as well. Nighty, night!!

Kerry Graff (Victor, US)

Heavenly smell and even better in a mug. (Huge shout out to Susan, who has the patience of a saint and helped me pick this out in the store.) It is so good that I was back within 2 weeks to buy more because I drank a whole tin of it already! Good Life Teas is a true gem. Thank you, Rob O’Brian, for having the inspiration and fortitude to create this wonderful shop!

Your positive and reassuring words made our day. Thank you for being such a stellar customer, Dr. Graff!