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Jasmine Spring Bloom - Artisan Blooming Green Tea

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One of the simplest, yet most beautiful things to view is the blooming of a flower. It represents emergence, change, growth, potential, & excitement. Our Jasmine Spring Bloom Tea encompasses all of these things & more. As you steep these artisan hand-tied blooms, you will first see the casing of white tips open, only to reveal a fresh jasmine blossom. 

Created as a tribute to the Chinese Renaissance of the Song Dynasty, this tea is meant to symbolize emergence into the unknown and the excitement that this all entails. The white tips serve to symbolize potential & possibility, while the jasmine bloom to be revealed represents the cultural boom that followed in this Renaissance. You will be delighted not only, by your olfactory senses of taste & smell, but also by the sight of this exquisite cup. We suggest you both steep & sip from clear vessels if possible as the sheer sight of this tea is breathtaking. You will then be pleased further at the light jasmine flavor that layers beautifully over grassy & honey-filled notes. 

Awaken slowly with this tea & be aware of the potential that each day brings. 

Instructions for steeping:

Begin with a glass teapot made from either pyrex or borosilicate that can hold at least 20 ounces. Bring your water to a temperated of 185 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature you will start to see small bubbles begin to form. Make sure not to over heat your water to boiling as this is not suitable for this particular tea. Once your water reaches the desired 185 degrees, pour it carefully into your teapot & drop in one bloom. Over the next ten minutes you will witness the beauty of your jasmine blooming tea! 

Base leaf: Green tea.
Health properties: Flavor strength: Soft, Primary collection is Jasmine floral.
Caffeine: Mild.

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Perfect Gift

I ordered the blooming jasmine flowers for my mother and she loved them. Good Life also included a few green tea samples which I kept for myself and totally enjoyed. Fast shipping, reasonable prices - I'm happy.

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