Time To Get Spooky With Some Boo-tiful Teas!

Time To Get Spooky With Some Boo-tiful Teas!

Hello there, little tea ghosts! As the spookiest holiday of the year approaches, we have been busy brewing up some witches tea of our own, along with some very cool tricks for you to bring to ghoul gatherings you are attending in the next couple weeks! Below, you will find all of these tricks and treats, along with a few tips for balancing out all the sugar that your own little goblins may be ingesting! 

Let's start with what has become known as our "Witches Brew" around the tea shop. To celebrate the upcoming eerie and ominous day, but also commemorate the harvest season, we have been brewing ourselves cup upon cup of our Berry Berry tisane tea. Built upon a tangy blueberry baseline, this tea incorporates elderberry, hibiscus, and raisin which all brew beautifully into to a dark, and mysterious purple shade. It really just resembles something that witches would enjoy sipping as they brew up their next magic potion or concoction. We highly recommend this for your next Halloween gathering as children love it's tart, berry taste, but it doesn't have any added sugars, so this helps to offset all the candy that they will be collecting. 
Another very cool party trick for your ghostly get togethers that we wanted to be sure to include here involves the use of dry ice with our teas. Sometimes, we hear that people (myself included) are initially averse to using dry ice as they anticipate it being expensive or hard to find. In doing my research, I was pleasantly surprised as this is actually not the case. You can acquire some of this illusory ingredient at your local Walmart or Costco at the very affordable price of about $2 (or less) a pound. What's even better proves that for a party you may only need about 5 pounds or less. To use this whimsical element, we recommend that you buy this 5 pounds and use the "double bowled method". To do this, start with a larger punch bowl in which you will place your dry ice. You can use a screw driver and hammer to knock off small piece of dry ice to be placed in the larger punch bowl. Once you have a good amount covering the bottom, place another, smaller punch bowl that contains some of our "Witches Brew" tea in it, inside the bowl with your dry ice in it. Pour some water into the space between the two bowls to activate your dry ice and wah-la! The magic has begun! You will see smoke start to envelope the smaller bowl and create an apparitional steam around your punch bowl. This is such a fun way to create a spooky scene on your appetizer table! (Do not place the dry ice directly in your tea; only in the outside bowl.)
If you have any other spooky-inspired teas that you have found you love to serve to all the ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires, or anything else in your life, let us know! Try our Witches Brew, Berry Berry tea, and let us know if it frightens you how much you love it! We hope that you all have a wonderfully boo-tea-ful weekend and happy sipping! - Kaytea

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