Five New Teas To Try!

Five New Teas To Try!

Hello, tea friends! We hope that you're all having a wonderful week & want to let you know that we have some great news for you! 

We have new teas for you to try! This blog post will be dedicated to 5 of our newest teas & will detail each. We hope you get a chance to either stop in & try each or order some! Let us know what you think!

1. Strawberry Sunshine

As we head into summer, we should all take time to prepare and appreciate the warm temperatures we have been experiencing. This black tea helps to do just that. It is highlighted by actual pieces of dehydrated strawberry that are reminiscent of all of those sweet summer days. It is decadent both hot & cold, & being decaffeinated, it can be enjoyed in the evenings as well! Speaking of which, trying to cut calories, but still craving those late night summer indulgences? Substitute a cup of this tea with some cream for a strawberry shortcake alternative & avoid the guilt!


2. Going Coconut

Speaking of preparing for the season ahead and the warmer temperature, this decaf black tea is another way to do so. This decaf black tea proves beautifully smooth as it incorporates not only flavors of island coconuts, but finishes with creamy vanilla that transports you right back to your private island. Again, being decaf, fear not brewing this tea in the evening. Let us know if you choose any mixers or additions to this tea that you find especially delicious!


3. Hello Hawaii! 

We promise this is the last tea we'll mention here that gets you excited for the warmth to come! We just want you to be ready! This delectable organic green tea is infused with both papayas & pineapples, which results in an aroma sure to have you reminiscing on your latest luau. As the days begin to cool down, brew yourself a cup of this tea & you may find yourself doing the hula dance!  

4. Milk Oolong

Similar to our Cream of Earl Grey tea, the "Milk" mentioned in the title of this tea does not refer to a lactose component. "Milk" here simply references the silky, smooth nature of this green tea. Oolong teas are known for being both wilted & steamed. This one in particular hails from an island in Taiwan & features tiny balled up leaves to which you will witness unfurl through multiple steeps. You will enjoy a light green flavor to this tea, which is beautifully accompanied by a light green color as well! 

5. White Peony

While this tea is last in our line up for today, it is most certainly not least. Our White Peony tea is a fabulous addition to our White Tea collection & features three leaves; two top leaves accompanied by a downy bud. It's name alludes to it's floral flavoring that is smooth & finishes with some earthy undertones. We love this tea in the morning as it's smooth nature makes for a subtle wake up, while it's caffeine content keeps us going throughout the entire day!

These are just 5 of our newest teas! Let us know if you get the chance to try any of them & what you think! We love your feedback! Enjoy! - Kaytea :) 

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