Ben's Holiday Loose Leaf Teas!

Ben's Holiday Loose Leaf Teas!

Good morning, sippers! As the holidays are quickly approaching, we have officially launched our holiday teas to be enjoyed by all! You may have noticed this already, but in this blog post, we want to take a moment to detail each of these teas for you so that you can become a little more acquainted and understand why these are just the stocking stuffer that you are searching for! Let's dive in! 

To start, we should let you know that we affectionately refer to our Holiday Teas as "Ben's Holiday Teas", as our beloved Benjamin Grimm (former Good Life Tea all star employee) curated these teas specially for you! Last year, Ben found himself feeling the holiday spirit and took it upon himself to solely create his own line of holiday teas! He very generously shared them with us to, in turn, share with you all. Ben's vision for these teas was both incredible and impeccable. He was able to capture the categorical feelings of warmth, coziness, and cheer that come along with this time of year and ensure that they were fully represented in each of these teas. We are certainly grateful to dear Ben for giving us these cups of Christmas to be enjoyed, and once you taste them, we know you will be, too! Ben now lives in Sweden and is on to conquer his next quest, but we miss him dearly. Thank you, Ben for these treasures! 
Let's begin with my personal favorite, our Cinnamon Bun black tea. When you think of waking up on a winter Sunday morning to snow on the ground, icicles hanging from the rooftops, a house just stirring, what sounds better than a fresh pan of cinnamon buns, topped with vanilla icing, and piping hot?! Not much in my book! This decadent black tea embodies all of these flavors between the cinnamon base, addition of maple notes, and a swirl of vanilla finish. I highly recommend making yourself a thermos of this tea before heading to the mountain for a day of skiing fun, as you get to enjoy all of the sought after sweet flavors, without weighing you down! Remember - all of our teas are calorie free and count toward your water intake for the day, as well! 
Next up, let's chat about our Gingerbread Cookie rooibos tea. Another holiday pastime that most of us are familiar with is the irresistible smell of your loved one making gingerbread cookies in the kitchen while you sit, fireside, waiting to devour one of those delicious morsels. Ben took it upon himself to capture these sentiments in our Gingerbread Cookie tea. In this caffeine free tea you will find traditional rooibos notes, layered with cinnamon, clover, ginger, calendula petals, and almonds (*allergen) which all combine perfectly to resemble the flavors of a true gingerbread cookie. We highly recommend this tea after dinner, in place of the traditional cookie, as it is caffeine free, as mentioned, and won't disrupt your sleep, and is also kinder on the waistline, especially this time of year when you are getting flooded with cookies from all around! 
Similarly, for those looking to hush the hankering from their sweet tooth, but not with the traditional holiday goodies, we have our Chocolate Caramel Praline black tea. As suggested in the name, this tea is absolutely divine. It begins with a black tea base that is highlighted with notes of almonds (*allergen), hazelnut (*allergen), vanilla, chocolate, maple syrup, and caramel. I do believe your sweet tooth will be satisfied with a few sips of this. This is a lovely tea to bring to a holiday party with you, as it is a slightly different "dessert to pass" and won't have guests leaving feeling guilty for overindulging! 
If you are a black tea drinker, but are concerned with the caffeine content, another option, as opposed to our Gingerbread Cookie, proves our Silent Night tea. This beautifully and mindfully created holiday tea combines the flavors of clove, spice, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and orange, all laid over a decaffeinated Ceylon black tea. The notes of this tea remind us of a crackling winter fire. As soon as you taste and appreciate the cinnamon, you are surprised by a pop of cardamom, and a snap of quick ginger. Cozy up into the evening with a loved one and a cup of our Silent Night
The last of the holiday teas is our Candy Cane. This tea tastes confusingly similar to that of a real candy cane and the peppermint notes present will transport you right back to childhood. As you sip this delightful black tea, highlighted with actual peppermint pieces, reminisce on times when Santa was handing you your candy cane and sending you on your merry way! What did you ask for that year? What are you grateful for now? 
You can enjoy each of these teas for only $20 each but if you are like me, and can't decide because they all sound just too good, we are also offering our Holiday Tea Collection this year, which is comprised of all 5 teas for only $75! This is a $25 savings that you do not want to miss and is a beautiful gift for the tea lover in your life! Check it out here now! 
Happy holidays from Good Life Tea, friends! Be on the lookout for holiday specials to come! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as we announce our specials there first! Happy sipping! - Kaytea :)


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