Get Through Dry January With Tea!

Get Through Dry January With Tea!

Good morning, tea sippers! Lately, I'm sure that you have heard of, or have become aware of, the popular trend known as "Dry January". Oftentimes, for the first month of the year, individuals will choose to abstain from alcoholic beverages as a form of a cleanse or reset heading into the new year. This can be easy for some, but for others, January can feel extraordinarily extended. As always, Good Life Tea is here to help. If you, or someone you know, is participating in Dry January and these last weeks coming up are becoming tumultuous, we have a few teas to help you push through and get to the end! Check out our suggestions below!

If as you reach the end of January, you find yourself missing your glass of wine after dinner, perhaps think of substituting a cup of our Ice Wine tea instead. This black tea has been designed to mirror the flavors of the decadence found in Ice Wine dessert wine. If you are unfamiliar, Ice Wine is a very coveted and sweet wine that is produced from grapes that are harvested after the first frost of winter. The freezing of these grapes causes the concentration of sugars to heighten and when used to produce the wine, results in a very sweet wine. Because timing is so crucial in this harvest, the yield of these grapes, the juices pressed, and thus the wine produced is in very small quantities and each bottle is very sought after. The flavor notes in our Ice Wine black tea embody the flavors of the this very beloved dessert wine. In it, you will taste the beautifully sweet notes of ice wine, paired perfectly with a background of black tea. This tea is not only a lovely way to sip into the evening, but also has been known to be enjoyed over ice during the day! Let us know what you think!
Perhaps you are participating in dry January as more of a cleanse and working to clear your system of toxins. While we do not make any formal medical claims at Good Life Tea, as we are certainly not medical professionals, some of our teas do include ingredients that are known to help with achieving some of these health objectives. Let's begin with our Joyful Release tisane tea. Staying true to the name, with this tea we are hoping to help you joyfully release things that are no longer serving you with each sip that you take. This wonderfully vibrant tea is bursting with flavor as it is made up of apple pieces, orange, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, rose hips, black peppercorn, mango pieces, natural orange flavor, marigold flowers, and natural mango flavors. As you abstain from the potations, you undoubtably are starting to feel better as alcoholic beverages are a known depressant. Your dopamine levels have started to level out as we close out the month, and as ginger is a main ingredient in this tea and is known to help increase serotonin and dopamine levels naturally, sipping it is sure to give you that last little "umph!" of happiness that you have been seeking. Similarly, another main ingredient, turmeric, is widely used as an anti-inflammatory. Alcohol is known to cause systematic inflammation throughout the body and sampling some of our Joyful Release can certainly help to decrease that and further help your body to purge any lingering toxins. Again, this tea is another that we regularly hear to be enjoyed both hot or iced. Keep us posted on your preference! 
The last two teas I will recommend for you as you continue with your Dry January journey prove our Gentle Slumber and our Sleep Better teas. Liquor and libations alike are known to disrupt sleep schedules and interrupt restfulness. To help you mediate this, our sleepy teas help to induce relaxation, alleviate stress, and encourage you to doze blissfully to dreamland. Our Gentle Slumber is a combination of chamomile, rooibos, and peppermint, while Sleep Better includes valerian root, lemon myrtle, verbena, spearmint, chamomile, and lavender. Each is a unique blend that appeals to the palette while at the same time summoning Mr. Sandman. Start counting your sheep as you sip one of our delicious sleepy teas
Congratulations on almost making it to the finish line of Dry January! You've got this and when in doubt, try some tea to help! Let us know if you have tried any of our teas already and have found them to help you! We can't wait to hear from you and have a happy, safe, and warm weekend! - Kaytea :)

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