Matcha: Think Outside the Cup

Matcha: Think Outside the Cup

Rediscover and Re-imagine

Matcha is a ground green tea that’s been around for centuries. The traditional method of making powdered tea from dried tea leaves and preparing the beverage by whipping the tea powder and hot water in a bowl has been around since the latter part of the 12th century.

Now, people everywhere are rediscovering Matcha and incorporating it in all sorts of foods! In today’s world of foodie blogs, and instagrams, it’s almost impossible to check your social media feed and not see the signature green hue of Matcha. It’s in everything from matcha-infused lattes, and smoothies, to ice creams and doughnuts.

And it’s no wonder it’s so popular, Dr. Oz frequently calls it  “one of the best things you can drink,” because not only is it delicious, it’s packed full of health benefits including anti-aging antioxidants, amino acids, and metabolism boosting catechins. Want to learn more about the wonders of Matcha? Click here.

Everyone has their own Matcha story. I first came across the traditional Japanese powder at no other place than Smorgasburg. If you haven’t been to the outdoor foodie market at East River State Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I highly recommend the trip. Smorgasburg is THE place to find all the latest food trends, and you better bring a dollar or two. It’s nearly impossible not to empty your wallet on buckets of rolled ice cream, ramen burgers, candy-topped waffles and spiced mango flowers.

While I was checking out the various food stands, I did notice one flavor popping up over and over: green tea. It was EVERYWHERE! Little did I know that all that green tea flavor came from just a teaspoon or so of Matcha! 

Here are a few of my favorite discoveries:

Matcha Raindrop Cake

Raindrop cakes, also known as Japanese water cakes are one of the most beautiful desserts I’ve seen, and they’re simple to make! The raindrop itself is made with powdered agar, white sugar, and water. Pair it with some matcha tea and a few crumbled ginger snaps for a delicious dessert that will stun your guests. Find the recipe here.



Matcha Ice Cream

Silky smooth Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream is perfect for summer and the extra caffeine kick will keep you going all day long! I highly suggest you try it with a variety of toppings as Matcha lends itself to so many flavor combinations. I personally love Matcha and cocoa nibs or Matcha and coconut flakes. Find the recipe here.


Matcha Donuts

Not obsessed with Matcha yet? These doughnuts will do the trick. They're delicious and make for a sweet boost of energy. Every recipe is different, some doughnuts are covered in the matcha powder, others use it in a glaze. This recipe here gives you both options.



Matcha Green Tea Waffles

These matcha green tea waffles make for a healthy and energizing breakfast that’s both gluten and dairy free! Pair them with some ice cream and toasted peanuts for a delicious treat. Check out this awesome recipe here.

So don't be afraid, break free from the cup, and try a few of these green tea (Matcha) delights for yourself!

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