Water quality, temperature and tea

Water quality, temperature and tea

A much neglected factor in the taste of your tea is water quality and temperature.  

pure water for teaMunicipal tap water is treated to be safe to drink.  The flavor varies from place and time of year.  Public drinking water must achieve certain standards to be deemed safe to drink.  During the filtration  process water is treated to removed particles and microbes.  During the final stage of the process, chlorine is added to kill off any left over microbes.  So the tap water you get is very safe to drink, but it may have a slight chlorine taste.  We recommend a simple water filter to remove the chlorine smell.  Good water is a good starting point for a delicious cup of tea. 

Tea thermometerAnother huge factor affecting the taste of tea is water temperature.  We label our teas with the recommended steeping temperature. If you follow the temperature and steep times, you should be able to make a great cup of tea.  Achieving the correct temperature is not rocket science.   If your green tea needs to steep at 185F the easiest thing to do is use a thermometer, like the one pictured.  Pour water into your cup and stick the thermometer in.   Let the water cool to the right temp and then add tea and steep for the correct time. Simple.  



If you don't have a thermometer.  After the water boils, let it sit 2 - 3 minutes. Then pour into your cup and add tea. Its not as precise, but it works.  If in doubt, the rule is - Cooler temperatures and shorter steep times.  

A subtle tea is better than a bitter cup.

 Happy sipping 

And always use the best tasting water.

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