Vanilla Chai - Loose Leaf Black Tea


An undertone of vanilla keeps the spices in line so the black tea's flavors prevail.

This spicy take on Chai goes easy on the black and adds a seasoned kick to the vanilla that's determined to make itself known in the tea's flavor. 

A fun, full-flavored competition for herbal supremacy; loose leaf Vanilla Chai will have you wondering why you ever even added milk in the first place. This tea is often temped down with extra plain black: so potent is its cardamom cinnamon one two punch of chai spicing. Chai is often referred to as tea for starters of tea for those who don't like bitter flavors. Its accessibility is largely due to its near festival-like riot of flavors – instant transportation to sensory holidays.

Access the rich childlike pleasure of a full-bodied cup of Vanilla Chai. Vanilla is known for its sharp smoothing effect on flavor collections. It condensed and refines the teas that it is blended into. Even the sturdy, strong presence of the spiced chai cannot overwhelm the pointed, settling vanilla. 

Join millions who find vitality and energy in daily chai – enjoying its unique, unforgettable kick along with the soothing vanilla notes found in this delicious tisanal. We bet you won't stop with just one cup.

Base leaf: Black.
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties reported, energy-positive.
Flavor strength: Full. Primary collection spiced black with subtle vanilla smoothness.
Caffeine: Mild.

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A good choice for my first loose leaf tea!
Yum Vanilla Chai
Carol, you always have the right answers. Thanks for being the cheerleader for our store!
Vanilla Chai- loose leaf black tea
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