Temi Sikkim Loose Black Tea


This bold, flavorful Temi Sikkim black tea is an exotic luxury for seasoned connoisseurs.

At the Indian-Nepalese border is the small village of Sikkim. The least populous and second smallest state in India, Sikkim is a remote area robust with biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. Darjeeling tea has very strict production guidelines, so there is only one tea farm in Sikkim that produces this coveted tea. 

Temi Sikkim is a caffeinated, medium-bodied tea that steeps to a rich medium brown color. The dried leaves are a rustic, deep amber color that brings to mind the sun setting behind the ancient Himalayan foothills. The tea's calming brown color is matched by its wooden, earthy flavor with notes of honey and red fruit. One sip generates feelings of warmth and comfort, as if relaxing below a tea tree in the Sikkim Valley. It can be paired with milk and sugar or enjoyed plain, in its natural, simple state.

If you are looking for a full-bodied, reliable black tea to tackle your day with, Temi Sikkim will bring liveliness and vivid clarity to your senses. All the way from a little farm in northern India, this tea is cultivated, harvested, and dried with the utmost care, so that you deeply enjoy the brew. 

Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known
Flavor strength: Medium, clear. Primary collection is aromatic black, foothill sweetness in the finish.
Caffeine: Medium.

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