Six Samples of Loose Tea for $7 - On Sale

Curious about loose leaf tea?  

Want to turn a friend onto tea? 

Then try this sampler.  Low cost. Low Risk. High Reward. Great loose teas.


The sampler has 6 very popular teas- each very different.  Each sample contains 3 teaspoons of loose leaf tea - enough for 2-3 cups of tea. That's 12 -18 cups delicious premium tea.  WOW.  Expand your tea knowledge for a low price of $7.

You can spend more money at other tea online shops, but why? 

Our sampler comes with a discount code. Look for our email that gives 20% off your next order.  That makes this box practically free!  That is why we say its low risk.

Teas included are our best selling everyday drinking teas. They include

  1. Kyoto Cherry Rose - Rose petals and Cherry combine to make an exotic green tea. 
  2. Hot Cinnamon Spice - Our top seller for a reason. Sweet and spicy, bold cinnamon and spices
  3. Heaven Sent Chai - A completely organic chai.  Spicy with cardamom, ginger cinnamon etc.  Stands up to milk and sugar.
  4. Cream of Earl Gray - A classic Bergamot tea with the addition of Vanilla and blue cornflower petals
  5. Last Mango in Paris - Tantalizing luscious mangoes and tropical tastes to be savored 
  6. Belgian Chocolate Rooibos - Cocoa truffle notes with fruity rooibos are unforgettable

We ship via USPS.  We ship the same day. Most shipments arrive in 2 days and on Saturdays too.  The shipping is $3.99 for this item.  

If you're new to premium loose leaf tea, then you will need to learn how to make tea using an infuser. Read our blog article to learn about the different types of steepers.

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    Best tea shop around!
    Thank you Brenda. It doesn't get any better than your review!
    Impeccable Customer Service. Yummy Tea
    We love getting reviews like yours! Thank you for your positiveness, we look forward to supplying more premium loose leaf tea to you, David.
    Great way to try teas!!
    Thanks for your review of 6 teas in one product! We hope you found some you would like to repeat and will be getting them soon!