Rooibos (Red Tea) - Organic Loose Rooibos Tea


A stimulant-free tea with surprising, robust “Red-Bush” texture that Rooibos lovers will delight in – this Organic Rooibos loose tea is a textbook success, proving that if it isn't broken: you don't need to fix it.
First, it's that indefinable something that makes Rooibos such a coveted leaf. South African with plainsland pleasure coming through with every sip – Rooibos brushes over the clarity of traditional blacks and the herbish aftertaste of greens with its own unique flavor collection. Somewhat melty, more of a “tongue taste” than a “throat taste”, Rooibos has to be tasted to be understood. Furthermore, Rooibos' laudable effects on health include rich mineral content, proven anti-oxidants, skin-promoting content, and stomach-settling properties.
Now, that can be done with delicious directness as this organic caffeine-free tisanal gets right to the point. Fructose-noted, full-flavored, and nearly impossible to over-steep, this is a hard-working tea that reminds us that some luxuries are hard won and come from the knowledge that a long day's work deserves a sturdy, refreshing tea.
Rooibos Organic focuses on the natural strengths of this “red tea”, allowing for the singularity of its focused, dense flavor to shine. Rooibos, for all of its compactness and unfussy nature, is nonetheless a milder tea, never overwhelming as it makes each sip encourage the next.
Try this delicious, unique, top-tier Organic Rooibos today.
Base leaf: Rooibos.
Health properties: Mineral-rich, stomach-positive, skin-positive.
Flavor strength: Moderate, Primary collection is plainsland red, rounded and murky.
Caffeine: None.

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I Finally Found It!
Well, Joy, you certainly made our day! We're delighted you 'found it'. We carry many rooibos teas so we hope you'll try more and please continue to get all the benefits of this remarkable herbal!