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Joyful Release - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea

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Joyful Release: A Symphony of Health and Flavor in Every Sip

Embark on a delightful and healthful journey with Joyful Release, a unique blend that captures the essence of holistic wellness and tantalizing taste. Turmeric takes the spotlight in this tea, offering not just a vibrant color but also a myriad of health benefits.

Why Turmeric is the Star

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to assist with blood sugar control, turmeric is more than just a pretty orange hue. It's a powerhouse of wellness, often overlooked but deserving of attention.

An Unconventional Yet Harmonious Blend

Joyful Release is a complex and intricate blend of flavors featuring apple pieces, orange, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, rose hips, black peppercorn, and mango pieces, accented with natural orange and mango flavors. It's a feast for your senses! The fruitiness, the spice from black peppercorn and cinnamon, and the earthy undertones from turmeric come together in an exciting dance of flavors.

Try it Iced!

Given its dynamic profile, we find Joyful Release to be exceptionally refreshing when served iced. The cold brings out even more layers of flavor, making it an excellent choice for a hot day or when you're in need of a rejuvenating boost.


Source: India

Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Orange, Ginger, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Rosehips, Black Peppercorn, Mango Pieces, Natural Orange Flavor, Marigold Flavors, Natural Mango Flavor

Steeping Information: 1 TSP per Cup; Steep at 212 F for 5-9 minutes

Caffeine Content: None

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    William Scriven (Valley Springs, US)

    It's nice to add a little taste without having to add something

    We're happy to hear that you are enjoying the Joyful Release! We specifically curate and pick our teas for this exact reason - they don't need any additions! One similar to this is our newest Autumn Memories. We highly recommend! Happy sipping! :)

    J (Saddle River, US)

    I think I've found my new favorite tea! This is a delightful, light tea. Beautiful scent, delicate flavor!

    We are thrilled to hear of your discovery! Joyful Release has everything going for it, taste, aroma, and healthy ingredients. Thank you!

    Sheryl Karch (Rochester, US)
    Refreshing Sip

    This is a new tea to GoodLife and I was excited to try it, especially for the summer. It is very refreshing and is an especially nice tea served iced. The taste is light with lucious flavors of mango, orange and cinnamon but with the added health benefits of Turmeric and black pepper. A great addition to my fruit tisane collection!

    For being a new tea to the inventory of Good Life Tea, Joyful Release recently has received rave reviews. Thank you for adding to its Fan Club!