Maple - Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea


Put on your flannel and cozy up to this rich organic blend of backwoods sweetness.

If you are from the North Country or just love maple syrup as well as a nice hot cup of tea, you must try Organic Maple tea, an understandable best seller. With a rich, distinctive flavor and unique capacity to warm even the most Canadian of chilled bones, this deep, rich and pungent black tea is laced with the most delicious of maple flavorings.The marriage of tart and woodsy with sweet and delectable, this black tea with its crave-worthy maple syrup taste ensures a perfect cup for a chilly night or a brisk morning.

Drawn laboriously from the maple tree, maple sap is painstakingly boiled and reduced to a
rich, golden, pungent and delicious aroma and taste all its own. An organic blend, this tea is suitable for the choosiest tea drinker to be sure, but the subtle-yet-noticeable maple flavor brings you a tea that any tea lover can’t resist. And, the best thing is, you don’t need to be in the frozen north or snowed in to enjoy the goodness and flavor of this Organic Maple Tea—the perfect cup for any occasion.

Base leaf: Black organic tea
Health properties: Source of organic nutrients.
Flavor strength: Medium, warm. Primary collection is melty black.
Caffeine: Mild.

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I Have a Hot Tip for this Maple Tea
Thanks for your suggestion Bristol. It sounds yummy!
Love This Maple
You have discovered Maple, a great taste! May we also suggest Black Currant and Pomegranate Lemon?
Our Organic Maple tea contains black tea, pure maple syrup and the 'yellow stuff' is calendula, which is in the marigold family as well as sunflower petals.