Citrus & Ginkgo - Organic Loose Green Tea


Simply delicious loose tea blended with Ginkgo and Lemongrass

From China, a green tea whose color, flush ginkgo content, and flavor collection all profess innate, sensory brightness; Organic Green Tea with Citrus and Ginkgo is a prime example of how an loose tea can bring “functionality” to a relaxing, tantalizingly-flavored tisanal.

Ginkgo's properties are known, but nonetheless its place in this loose tea blend bears mentioning. From it's ability to stimulate concentration, memory storage, and even tactile facilities such as balance; ginkgo is one of the oldest continually-used medicinals. But let's take a step back and remember the pleasures of life that we hope to stay healthy for in the first place!

This true Chinese Green tea's organic blend isn't shy about including stripped organic lemongrass and an keening, springy overall flavor. Lemongrass grown and mostly used in Asia is an important herb in the Indian system of ayurvedic medicine. Lemongrass has many more health benefits than lemons, but brings a strong lemon flavor with mellower sweeter taste and without the associated sour tanginess of fresh lemons. So with the addition of this organic herb, you get the many added health benefits as well as the lemony flavor profile.

The combination of the two herbal components into this green tea, makes an impactful health punch that is both delicious and memorable (get it - there is Ginkgo which helps memory. LOL). While we do not sell our teas as medicines, we mention the ingredients for your information.

Enjoy this invigorating, healthy tisane with a drop of honey if you'd like sweetness to bloom in its light flavor collection. Or enjoy it on its own – refreshing, memorable, and lively as a summertime day. Some fans even describe a “twang” as one shape that the tones in this beloved organic tea.


Base leaf: Green.
Health properties: Memory and concentration stimulant.
Flavor strength: Medium, citrus. Primary collection is ginkgo citrus.
Caffeine: Mild.

Customer Reviews

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Citrus & Ginkgo is a tea that is loved by many but not by all. You may like Citron Green better. Let us know if you would like us to send you a sample, Carol.
Great for iced tea
So glad you found a favorite! Thanks for your review.
Odd But Enjoyable