Holiday Gifts For Your Wife

Give The Gift Of Tea This Holiday

Just because giving a gift should be stress-free doesn't give us a free pass to be repetitive or overly safe.  Chances are your wife – at this point – has a good idea of the directions you might take when it comes to gifs and special occasions. That's a good thing. Knowing each other is the prize of time and care put into sharing life.  But tea might be a more of an unexpected gift.
Tea has become an important way for women to claim their “ me time”.  Pick your teas, not so much for what she already likes, but rather to create a break from the ordinary. Present the tea as an agent of good change, personal growth, or boldness to find a new groove. After all New Year’s is a time to bring in the new.
Gift giving is a guess about what makes the people we love happy.  Be bold yourself.  Show your wife that you took time and effort, by give her something different this holiday season.  Give her the gift of personal time to reflect and relax.  Maybe she’ll even let you in on it.