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Tea Cups and Tea Mugs





Glass Tea Mug with Stainless Steel Infuser (Strainer) & Lid
$ 28.00
Why Do You Need This? This kit includes a tea mug, infuser and lid and is perfect for home or office.  It allows you to steep while chilling in your easy chair enjoying some "me time" or at your office desk. This is the easiest way to make tea for yourself. The mug, infuser and lid work together to make an excellent cup of loose leaf tea. The secret is the lid that doubles as a coaster on which you can place the wet infuser to keep things tidy. Top quality materials. Order yours today. Get and extra one for the office.  Free shipping available. Simple, Neat and Perfect Make a hot cuppa using the tea infuser basket right inside the 16 ounce Pyrex glass tea mug.  This all in one, 3 piece kit is the best way to brew a single cup of your favorite loose leaf tea.  The Loose...
Ceramic Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid
$ 28.00
The easiest way to make a single cup of loose tea. Make a hot cuppa using the tea infuser that brews your loose tea right inside the 15 ounce tea cup.  This 3 piece kit is the best way to brew a single cup of your favorite loose leaf tea. This simple and elegant design has no moving parts, easy to-clean and has an indestructible infuser. A must have for every day tea drinkers and great for the office.  This will become your go-to mug because its easy and fun to use. Who said loose tea was hard! 3 FREE SAMPLES OF TEA WITH YOUR PURCHASE !!  Order this for yourself.  You will not regret it and you'll probably want a second.  The Tea Infuser With this simple brewing system, brew your loose tea in the infuser which fits right on the rim of the cup. There is no need for any other tea ware, except...
Double Walled Heat Resistant Glass Mug - 12 and 16 ounce
$ 14.00
A tea mug with  elegant design which also keeps your tea warmer longer.  A must have for a every tea drinker. Grab two for yourself - one for home and one for the office. This item is available in 12 oz or 16 oz.   The borosilicate double walled insulating properties of this tea cup keeps the cup cooler to the touch than regular cups, while keeping your tea hot longer.  With its clear glass,  you will enjoy the beautiful colors from the varieties of teas you enjoy. Borosilicate glass is different from ordinary glass because it will not crack with rapid temperature changes that occur when making tea.  Because it is heat resistant it can be made thinner and lighter which adds elegance.  The double walled construction also creates an interesting effect which makes you tea look like it is floating inside the cup. This cup is certainly a conversation starter with...
Double walled insulated glass cup - 3 sizes
$ 8.00
Either the 4 oz, 5 oz or the 10 oz glass cup allows you to observe the wide variety of colors that tea can be brewed in, from the delicate yellow-green of Kyoto Cherry Rose, to the rich burgundy of Orange Blossom Oolong. The double walled construction also creates an illusion that your drink is floating in the cup. Made from super heat resistant borasilicate glass (pyrex) these cups can handle the hot temperatures. The double walled construction shields the heat and cold away from your hands and keeps the tea hotter or colder longer than regular cups.   Cold iced tea and cocktails in regular cups sweat in the summer heat and require a coaster. Because either of these cups is insulated, there is no sweat and no need for coasters.  There is nothing worse than a ruined table finish because of water rings from sweating cups. Price is for...
Japanese Tea Cups In Vivid Colors
$ 8.00
. A Modern Take on a Classic Japanese Design. These elegant tea cups honor the traditional Japanese design aesthetic with a narrow base and a top that is slightly flared.  These modern Japanese tea cups are slightly larger than the traditional teaucups and are finished with vivid modern colors.   Japanese Tea Cups in Ten Colors Not only is the design modern, but the teacup are available in vivid colors as well. To show off your selection of tea be it White, Rooibos or Black, the tea cups are glazed white on the inside. The bright white finish allows the color of your loose leaf tea to really pop.  Use the vivid colors of the cups to create a beautiful contrasting counterpoint to your tea and dazzle your friends at your next tea get together. Add one of our teapots and create matching tea sets to complete your tea expression. Your friends will be very...
Japanese chubby cat mugs
$ 13.00
These adorable cat mugs feature long whiskers, pink cheeks, and a tail. They are the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life, as well as anyone who just loves anything cute! They are appropriate for any type of tea, as well as light weight and dishwasher safe! They hold approximately 8 ounces of tea so they aren't too big, and they aren't too small. They are just right!
Panda Mug with Spoon - new
$ 17.00
**BACK IN STOCK** This is a cute panda mug with a baby panda spoon. The ears stick out above the rim of the cup and the spoon hangs on the rim. Pink cheeks make this just too cute. 16 ounce capacity. Microwave and Dishwasher safe. Made In China.  
Cat Ears - Japanese Tea Mug
Sold Out
Kawaii means cute in Japanese.  This cat mug is too cute for words.  A must have for any cat lover.  The pointy ears and sculpted nose make this mug cute.  10 oz. capacity. High Fire Ceramic. Designed in Japan by Decole Japan. Made in China. Handwash only. M MG-13621 M MG-13622
Patches Kitty Mug with spoon
$ 17.00
Do you or does someone you know love kitties? We do! This adorable calico kitty mug is the perfect addition to the cat lover in your life's cupboard. It comes complete with a little calico kitty spoon to stir your cream or sugar in with as well! Sip with your calico kitty today! 14 Ounces,  3"D X 3.5"H
Ceramic Panda Cup with Lid
$ 17.00
  This is a fun panda mug with lid and a cute spoon. The panda mug lid keeps your tea hot.  Use the spoon to stir your milk and sugar. Check out the little red bow tie he is wearing. Totally adorable. 12 ounce capacity.  Microwave and Dishwasher safe.  Made In China F PC11-3  
Puppy Mug with Spoon
$ 17.00
This adorable mug and spoon set is a fun way to introduce the art of tea drinking into your child's life.  Mug is Microwave Safe. Do NOT Miscrowave Spoon. Both Mug and Spoon are Dishwasher Safe. 16 fl.oz.  
Fat Cat Mug!
$ 13.00
Are you the crazy cat lover in your life? Or do you know someone who is? If you answered "yes!", then we have the perfect mug to sip tea in! Check out both colors of our adorable "Fat Cat" mug!  4.25"D x 3.25"H MUG 15 fl.oz.