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White Tangerine - Loose Tea


Tangerine and Madarins are both citrus fruits from opposite ends of the earth but are close cousins in flavor with Tangerines originating from Tangiers Morocco and Mandarins from China.  But enough with the lessons

The Tangerine is more exotic than its American cousin and offers more to the olfactory senses.  The flavoring is derived from the whole fruit including the rind making it bolder without the citrus sharpness.

Upon steeping, use both hands and hold your teacup and let the warmth envelope you hands. Hold it close to your mouth but don't sip. Instead, take a deep breath of  the elixir and let it take you away into a day dream. Hold that moment and exhale. Again, inhale the aroma of the tangerines.  Relax and let your mind release whatever is troubling you.  Now exhale and take a small sip of the tea and it will bring you back refreshed and rejuvenated.  

Secure your own stash of tea and venture into your dreamworld.


  • Base leaf: White Tea - Bai Mu Dan
  • Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties reported.
  • Flavor strength: Moderate. Primary collection is Sweet Tangerines over mild white tea
  • Caffeine: Medium

    Customer Reviews

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    White Tea...

    I'm still searching for great White Tea....
    In great rich deep flavors...

    White tea is not known for 'deep rich flavors' but rather its subtly. This is just a suggestion but perhaps you would rather be drinking a black tea.
    Wonderful White

    This is a lite white tea with a subtle, fruity aftertaste. The flavors are perfectly blended: neither tea nor tangerine is overpowering. Perfect as an after dinner tea to sweeten the palate.

    Miranda. Thanks for the review. Its a more subtle citrus flavor than some of our more citrus teas. I agree that it balances nicely with the underlying the White Peony tea.
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