Black Currant Loose Leaf Black Tea


Put differently: currant's make for a polite house guest, one well suited to the clear, uncomplicated pleasures that a clean black tea has to offer. China black pairs and pairs and pairs. There's none that could accuse it of requiring a delicate partnership (like, say, the viscous, bushy Rooibos family) or of tending to dominate no matter what (looking at you, matchas). While those qualities make for their own unique rewards and fascinating blends; there's still a place firmly embedded in the heart of every tea lover for the elegance of a one-flavored black. And thus, here we have Black Currant. Dare we say that it's what you get the tea lover who has everything?  Full bodied with a berry-true currant flavor; this is the sort of tea that one lets rest on their tongue or even (after checking to ensure clear surroundings) swirls a bit in the cooler later-cup 


Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: Anti-oxident properties known.
Flavor strength: Moderate. Primary collection is current, berries over black.
Caffeine: Medium.

Customer Reviews

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Love the Black Current tea!
We especially enjoy hearing that one of our customers has found a new favorite! Thank you for your review.
Black Currant tea
I hope you tried Black Currant cold, Suzanne. It is soooo flavorful! What a summertime treat!
A “good” tempest in my teapot...
What a very poignant review. We're delighted that your moment with our tea lead you to a sense of calmness. May you continue to enjoy it and, hopefully, we will emerge from this difficult period in our history very soon!