Apricot Loose Leaf Black Tea


Delicate sweetness compliments the astringency of the bold black tea, just like Bogart and Bacall.

Black Apricot tea is a full-fledged part of the fruit-tea renaissance, adding its name to the list of elegant blends that exemplify how well a black base can mix with natural fruits flavors.

True elegance does not overwhelm, but rather implies simplicity. Therefore, when this steely-yet-warm black apricot blend is referred to as “elegant” - remember that that doesn't mean that it will take over your whole mouth. Quite the opposite, actually. Measure by measure, this apricot flavor luxuriates; yes, but not in a way that ever distracts from the black leaf. Tea indeed it is, astringent, nutty, a little touch of complication, somehow even.

Inviting, isn't it?

This singular blend shows off the balance of a basic black tisanal and an unlikely dried fruit; our friend the apricot. With the sharp sweetness of apricot in tow; this Black Apricot cup is prepared to lead you to new flavor landscapes, one sip at a time.

Apricots and other dried fruits are known digestive supplements, aiding regularity and more if they are added to a healthy diet. Chock full of beta carotene and fiber; apricots add to the antioxidant potential that all black teas hold, bringing a filling fiber that dieters will appreciate for its hunger-battling qualities.

Finally; we have here a delicious fruity blend. Black apricot tea – try it today!

Black tea.

Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known.

Flavor strength: Medium, nutty. Primary flavor is warm fruity/nutted.

Caffeine: Mild.

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Love this tea
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