Japanese Sencha - Loose Green Tea


A quintessential Japanese experience.

Balancing sharpness with clarity is one of green tea's most under-appreciated qualities – an ability to communicate the mellow side of acridness – our Japanese Sencha Green tea wears its origin story with pride. Hailing from the Shizuoka prefecture, at the foothills of Mt Fuji, it's an acquired taste sure to pique the curiosity of even a seasoned green tea aficionado. More vegetal than a standard “green” mix, the clear tones allowed by the toasted-dry blend make for a sharp through-line from harvest to palette. This tisanal, for all of its quietly bracing uniqueness, is nonetheless a comfort tea.

Japanese Sencha Green is often cited as favorite morning cleanser whose mild but insistent flavor collection prepares one for a day, whether it's a day of work or following through on the Sencha Green experience and exploring what further tastes and tones the day holds. A pleasant medium dark green loose tea, the Sencha's green leaves suggest their medicinal potency, and to be sure, they are a prized antioxidant. Is it surprising, then, to find notes of toasted bread and a spinach-like aftertaste? Could any other flavors quite as well bring to mind the simple shock of a longstanding, earthy tonic?

Finally, this mid-season Sencha offers that favorite tamer of vegetal blends: a hint of citrus. Start with our loose leaf Japanese Sencha and try it the way we like it: collected and crafted with care in coastal Shizuoka.

Base leaf: Green tea

Health properties: Notable antioxidant qualities.

Flavor strength: Mild, vegetal. Primary collection is coastal, grasslands, yielding to toast and citrus.

Caffeine: Medium.

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