Scottish Caramel Pu-erh - Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea


An earthy, deep loose tea mellowed by melty caramel is an excellent breakfast tea

Creamy and earthy; here's a Scottish blend if ever one was to be had. Unabashedly a tea to fill pot after pot with, this has all the makings of a table-ful of smiles on a Scottish afternoon. But there's more to this blend. Indeed this tisanal hails not only from Caledonian hills but also from China. Two nation's whose characters mix into an altogether unique, burnt sweetness. 

ALERGEN ALERT - Contains Nuts.


Charmaine Houck Review Scottish Caramel Puerh with her son. He liked it so much, he helps himself to second cup with no coaching from Mom.

Often noted for its gardenial, hillside earthiness; this loose tea's collection is a lungful and one for a discussion. From China comes this tea's more curiously healthy tinges. That's right: even in a decadent cupful of Scottish Caramel black tea, one finds a sharpness that it's said relates to the tea's slimming, sprightly properties. One's pulse needn't be the only thing that quickens at the prospect of this loose tea. Indeed a general liveliness is its companion and chief result. Whether you feel this is due to the delicious creamy weight or the luxurious Chinese additions to the collection; you're sure get a lift from Scottish Caramel black tea.

Enjoy it hot with whatever hillside is nearest your window. If you're lucky, it might very well be China or Scotland. If not: do your homeland the favour of appreciating it while sipping this delicious blend.

Puerh loose tea brings a deeep earthy mouthfeel; a robustness that is deeply satisfying for coffee lovers. Try it as your morning tea or a satisfying after-dinner drink. The caramel flavor is the clincher for this loose tea.


Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: Weight positive, anti-toxin properties reported, general restorative.
Flavor strength: Full, melty, earthy. Primary collection is dark, burny, toffee-rich black.
Caffeine: Medium.
(Allergen alert - Contains nut pieces)
Organic Tea and Caramel


Customer Reviews

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Great Scottish Carmel

This is another great tea offering from Good life Tea!

It definitely gives you the Carmel, Coffee, and a slight creamy smoothness.
I find this to be a perfect after dinner Tea but, honestly anytime always works.
Great for coffee drinkers especially those who like milk and sugar in theirs.
The caffeine is low in my opinion which leads to more of an after dinner tea or a slight pick me up on those long mid day stretches.

Wonderful tea that is definitely worth trying! Sip on!

Tip: Steeping time is essential to all teas, this one is no different. If you find the taste to rich, bold, weak, etc. etc. lesson or extend steeping time to match your individual taste profile. Enjoy.

Ray, your review and suggestions are very much appreciated! Scottish Caramel Pu-erh is being discovered by many who are responding as you have. It is one excellent tea!

Love this tea

Tried as a sample loved it now I AM HOOKED!!

There is so much to love about the Scottish Caramel Pu-erh. It has become a favorite for sure!

My Favorite Tea

This is my favorite tea and I like to start everyday with a large cup of it. The nutty caramel flavor is the perfect strength (not overpowering but still prominent). Because this tea is a Pu-erh, it feels lighter than a black tea and is truly the perfect way to start the day. It pairs very well with either coconut sugar or honey. Would highly recommend!

It is always nice when a fan of one of our teas make a suggestion regarding what to pair with it. Coconut sugar with Scottish Caramel Pu-erh sounds yummy. Thanks, Gabriella!