Citron Green - Loose Green Tea


A light refreshing cup of loose tea

One of the oldest and most oft-traded blends of loose tea, Citron Green is considered a simple, elegant tea – valued as much for its intrinsic qualities as it is for its blendability. But there's a perfect blend for every base. For tea lovers, we're sure that this crisp Citron Green will prove a strong candidate. Clean, lemon-y and sweet; it gets right to the heart of citrus: that same pleasant sweet astringency that loose tea lovers have chased since their first taste of plain black.

Sourced from China, this loose leaf tea offers the country's knack for providing teas that are both made with incredible seriousness and appreciate a playful note or two. And thus we have a green as formally precise in its astringency and clarity as it is bright and citric. Forgoing the warmer orange or gardenial hints, Citron Green trusts the blend of lemon and green tea. 

The result? Intoxicating. Leafy and light, it's a loose tea that can be enjoyed cold or hot, at any time of the year. Relaxing and perfect before a nap or bed, it's balance of weight and flavor (both subdued) appeals to the unfussy loose tea lover searching for a balanced-yet-sweet green.

Try it as an Iced Tea

Citron Green makes a great iced tea that is thirst quenching and all so satisfying. A classic iced tea, for most Americans is black tea with or without sugar and a twist of lemon. Iced green tea is trending and becoming incredibly popular.  With the lemon already infused in, Citron Green is a great choice and its great taste eliminates the need for sugar. Use our Easy to use Iced Tea Pitcher to keep some on hand in the fridge all summer.

This is a tea that is not grassy.  Great for sharing with friends.  Keep plenty on hand. Order some now.

Base leaf: Green tea.
Health properties: Sleep aid, general restorative.
Flavor strength: Mild. Primary collection is citrusy lemon over green.
Caffeine: Moderate.

Customer Reviews

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You may be the third person in as many days to announce that Citron Green is their new favorite. Is it the warmer weather or is it because it is so darn tasty?
Love Citron Green Tea
Carol~ As one of our most enthusiastic customers, we appreciate knowing about your favorites and the favorite of your family members. Now that iced tea season is upon us, I bet you are going to be drinking lots of Citron Green!
Best Selection of Tea in the area
What a wonderful review of Good Life Tea! We certainly look forward to welcoming our customers back to our store post the pandemic. Meanwhile, we hope you have tea to savor during these challenging times.