Cream of Earl Grey Loose Leaf Black Tea


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This is a must have tea in your stash. Always have some on hand. 

One of the most enduringly loved and widespread teas is certainly a ripe candidate for variation. And so we have Cream of Early Grey, a wonderful and silky take on the incredibly popular Earl Grey stalwart. But we'll not leave you guessing: the difference is melting sweetness; vanilla and floral, and it beautifully and without overwhelming, answers the question: how could Earl Grey possibly be improved?

Earl Grey's distinguishing element is Bergamot, the citric oil whose sharp-sweet enriching flavor seems designed to cling to steam and heat itself as they rise up through a perfect hot cuppa. The simplicity of Earl Grey can be appreciated in how the Bergamot naturally matches the plain black at-home warmth of the drink. Any additional flavor, it might follow,would do well to also provide a mellowing layer rather than a bold new charge.

Vanilla, whose connotative meaning belies the potency of the bean, is both rich and gentle. Cream of Earl Grey really is, therefore, a variation and not a new category. An enrichment, if you will. A modestly sugared floral whose dried parcel is an utterly beautiful mound of cornflower blue and marigold yellow over black leaves.

Cream of Earl Grey is decadent. Cream of Earl Grey is accessible. Cream of Earl Grey is the people's tea, and an elite cup, a rarity and yet entirely expected upon tasting, a surprise that seems, when enjoyed, almost inevitable.

When searched this tea is mistakenly spelled Cream of Earl Gray. 

Base leaf: Black.
Health properties: Calming properties, immunal support.
Flavor strength: Moderate.
Primary collection is creamy vanilla high range over Bergamot black.
Caffeine: Medium.

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I typically go for Earl Grey with Lavender, but decided to switch it up this time and I'm so glad I did! The subtle hint of sweetness from the vanilla is perfect for a cup anytime! Absolutely love this tea and will always need it in my stash. Customer service is top notch with Good Life, fast shipping, and the hand written note on the receipt is a level far above others. The samples included with my order seemed hand picked based on the teas I'd ordered. An unexpected extra that is much appreciated! Thank you!

We can't ask for a nicer review. Thanks for being a Good Life Tea customer!

Cream of Earl Grey Loose Leaf Black Tea

Thanks for the review!!
A delicious twist on a classic

I don't like Earl Grey tea. I've tried several times, but I am just not a fan of the bitter, pungent bergamot flavor. However, vanilla is one of my favorite flavors. So when a sample of this Earl Grey tea with vanilla appeared in my box of tea one day, I was intrigued, but wary. The aroma from the steeping tea had me anticipating the first sip, and I am pleased to say that I was instantly hooked. The bergamot flavor is a bit more subdued than most Earl Grey teas I have tried, and the vanilla does a great job of mellowing and balancing it. This tea is smooth and creamy, and has quickly become one of my all-time favorites.

Of course, no review would be complete without mentioning the absurdly fast shipping, the free samples, and the hand-written note thanking me for my order. Good Life Tea never ceases to impress me, and I am proud and very happy to support this local store. Thanks!

Isn't it great that life is full of unexpected, wonderful surprises? Cream of Earl Grey has surprised many of our customers and they have become fans for life. Thank you Matt!
Great tea, great customer service, fast shipping.

The tea was great. Customer survive made me feel VIP customer. Fast shiping. Got also three simples to taste. I will defenetly order more!!! Thank you

Thank you Tatiana, you have made our day!
Love this tea

This tea really is a unique blend that’s sort of like a desert to me. Creamy feeling. It’s so good on its own but I love mixing it with my matcha green to make an even more full bodied flavor. Even my coffee drinking husband liked it and he’s not a flavor guy. A little bit goes a long way too.

We love to hear when a customer makes a blend that they like. It sounds as if you discovered a good one. Thanks!