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The loose leaf fruit tea so nice you have to say its name twice. 

Berry Berry walks the fine line between indulgence and simple fructose-soaked pleasure. But need we worry about where pleasure and recreation meet or simply enjoy? Truly; Berry Berry puts simplicity back into the simple pleasure that is afternoon tea.  It also brews to a playful shade of purple that children tend to love.

Here's how it pulls that minor miracle off: elderberry and hibiscus and raisin meet a baseline blueberrry tang to create this incredibly gardenial blend. Caffeine free and sure to suit any diet or health goals; Berry Berry earns its name and then some.

Every pleasure in life has two sides. Berry Berry shows off its multifaceted character by being both tangy and sweet in turns. Tart with hibiscus and elderberry, the raisin steps in to add sugary blooms in each mouthful. But its blueberry that exemplifies the blend of sweet and astringent. And in the blueberry finish; Berry Berry comes to life.

Enjoy cold if you're the daring sort or prepare piping hot to improve nearly any day or evening. With antioxidant properties bound in its super berry blend, Berry Berry is as healthy as it is delicious. And it is delicious – desserty even.

Find out today why Berry Berry is your road to fruity bliss!

Base leaf: Organic Fruit and herbs.
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known.
Flavor strength: Full, astringent and sweet. Primary flavor collection is blueberry tang.
Caffeine: None.

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Our favorite fruity tea (so far)!
It sounds like you are having fun Tea Tastings! You may also enjoy tasting Cranberry Apple, Canandaigua Chill and/or Ipanema Clementine Spice. Another idea would be to add some hibiscus to your tea. That crates a certain very appealing zing. Sip on!
Thank you for the five stars! We appreciate your business and evaluation.
Very berry berry !
Thanks for your review! Berry Berry certainly has become a fan favorite because of its extraordinary flavor, color and versatility. You may like it just as well iced!