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Large Stainless Steel Loose Tea Infuser (Strainer) with Lid - new in white!
$ 23.00
You need this because its a great replacement for a tea ball.  Use this and skip the teapot. It's a perfect way to make one cup of tea. Simplify your making tea and grab one of these super easy loose leaf tea infusers. The Tea Infuser Wide and deep design - Fits larger cups up to 20 ounces.  Can handle more tea leaves than tea balls and smaller infusers. Allows maximum infusion space for a complete steeping of your premium tea leaves Micro perforated infuser - Makes a clear cup of tea by keeping small particles inside the infuser. Food Grade Stainless Steel - Will not rust or bend and distort like inferior tea balls and mesh infusers. Dishwasher safe.  The Clever Multi-Purpose Lid Cool to the touch lid features insulating silicone that keeps your tea hot while it steeps. Prevents spills while moving from kitchen. Lid becomes a coaster...
Joyful Release - Loose Fruit Tea - new
$ 10.00
The main ingredient present in our Joyful Release proves turmeric. Widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to help with blood sugar control, this relative to ginger is often overlooked. We don’t know why but are here to change this! In Joyful Release you will see apple pieces, orange, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, rose hips, black peppercorn, mango pieces, natural orange flavor, marigold flowers, and natural mango flavors are all present. This unexpected combination creates a dynamic and delicious tea. The fruity notes are contrasted by the slight peppercorn present and the turmeric alongside cinnamon adds a spicy side as well! We’ve heard that this is a great tea to try iced and we highly recommend you give it a try! Base leaf: Fruit/Herbal Base  Health properties: Anti-inflammatory; help with blood sugar maintenance Flavor strength: Moderate and dynamic. Caffeine: No caffeine
Mennä Travel Tea Mug - new
$ 40.00
Many of our tea aficionados have told us how much they love our teas, and that they want to be able to take it with them on the go. We hear you, and would like to introduce you to our newest tea ware product, the Mennä Travel Tea Mug!  This travel mug is the absolute easiest, most convenient, and best made product in terms of taking your premium loose leaf tea on the go. It involves just 3 easy steps.  1. Fill the infuser basket with your favorite premium loose leaf tea. 2. Fill your travel mug with water (hot or cold both work) and attach the top. 3. After the appropriate steeping time (don't worry, we list this time on each of our teas), twist the gray ring on your travel mug to commence the steeping of your tea.  Yes, that's it! Wah-lah! You are ready to enjoy your tea anywhere you go....
Lychee Rose - Loose Green Tea - new
$ 10.00
This unusual twist on the traditional green tea is a lovely surprise. On top of the bed of green tea, you will find apple pieces, rose petals, and flavors of lychee and rose. When brewed, you will notice flavors both sweet and tart initially, to be followed by notes of ​​grape and melon. Culinarily speaking, roses are used in treats like jams, chocolates, pastries, and syrups. Lychee, a red, bumpy-skinned fruit, found its favor in ancient China, where it was prized for its sweet and sour flavor. Put them together in your cup, and you’ve got the perfect marriage. It is a lovely summer tea that many suggest pairing with raw honey. The sweetness of the honey complements the naturally occurring flavors in this tea and make this rosy and floral tea quite romantic. We highly recommend this as a change up for even the most seasoned of green tea...
Panda Mug with Spoon - new
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**BACK IN STOCK** This is a cute panda mug with a baby panda spoon. The ears stick out above the rim of the cup and the spoon hangs on the rim. Pink cheeks make this just too cute. 16 ounce capacity. Microwave and Dishwasher safe. Made In China.  
Piggy Mug with Spoon - new
$ 17.00
This little piggy went to market and brought some tea home in it! These adorable mugs feature an adorable piggy with a big pink nose on the front, that is accompanied by a sleepy little piggy swirling spoon. Grab one of these for the little piggy in your life!  3"Dx3.25"H MUG W/3.75"L SPOON 14 fl.oz. Microwaveable (Mug only) Dishwasher Safe
Small Handled Tea Strainer and Dish - new
$ 10.00
Looking for an easy, convenient, and clean way to steep your teas? We have just the product for you! Our Short Handled Tea Strainer and Dish are made from stainless steel and are completely dishwasher safe. Simply add your tea to the strainer, pour your boiling water over the tea for steeping, and once complete, place your strainer back into the accompanying stainless steel dish so that you don't have drips staining your table or placemat. Also, these make a great accompaniment for tea that you may be gifting to someone special! Features 2 Piece loose leaf Tea Strainer Set Drip bowl included 18/8 Stainless Steel construction Ideal for Loose Leaf Tea 5.5-inches including the handle, infuser is 2-inches in diameter  
Old English Tea Strainer - NEW
$ 10.00
This darling strainer features Old English style detailing. It is the perfect size for any mug and will have your tea ready in a flash! Make some tea with this strainer today!
Blueberry with Green Base Tea cup - new
$ 13.00
If you are like us and are partial to the flavors of blueberry, perhaps this is just the cup for you! It features delicate, hand painted blueberry plants, alongside blue vertical stripes, all atop a green base. We suggest trying some of our Bingo Blueberry tea to sip on in your blueberry tea cup! 3" D x 4.25" H TEA CUP 9 fl.oz. MICROWAVABLE DISHWASHER SAFE
Small Japanese Teapot with Wooden Handle - new
$ 50.00
These beautiful Japanese teapots feature not only the artisanal touch of a woven wooden handle, but also a strainer already within for steeping! Standing 4.25 inches tall, these charming and exquisite pieces each hold 20 ounces of your favorite teas. As they are each handmade, you will see unique features within the bevels of color. We love these teapots and we know you will too!  Specifications: 20 ounce capacity 4.25" Teapot with Wooden Handle Handle: 7.25" L Made in Japan Dishwasher Safe
Daisy with Blue Stripe Teapot - 2 sizes! - new
$ 45.00
We fell in love with these beautifully handcrafted teapots when we saw them. They feature the same daisy and blue stripe design as our Daisy with Blue Stripe Tea Cups which we highly recommend that you pair them with! They also have a lovely bamboo handle which ensures that you don't ever get burned while pouring and provides a lovely accent. These come in both 40 ounce and 68 ounce sizes, each with a slightly different shape. See which you prefer and get to sipping! Tea pot with Bamboo Handle and Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer  40 fl.oz. and 68 fl.oz.   Microwaveable (Remove Handle and Strainer) Dishwasher Safe (Remove Handle)
Daisy with Blue Stripe Tea cup - new
$ 9.50
Looking for an adorable way to sip tea alongside a loved one? These dainty daisy tea cups are just the thing! Each stand 3 inches high and hold 6 ounces; coincidentally the perfect amount to share a laugh over.  Microwaveable Dishwasher Safe