Moroccan Mint - Organic Green and Herbal Tea


The scene is well known to Moroccans and visitors alike: an afternoon or evening on one of the city's many rooftop gardens. Steam rising from the tiny glass cups preferred for hot beverages. Local herbs abound and perfume the air. Chiefest and most fragrant among them is, of course, mint.

Mint teas are known round the world as one of the simplest warm tonics available. Mint itself alone can be heated and brewed as a mild tea. But its real strength, as in foods, lies in the potent ways that the cooling herb can be blended.

In Moroccan Mint green tea, that elegance is embodied in the blend of just two ingredients: green tea and peppermint. For anyone who appreciates the inherently healthy boost of limited ingredient dishes, this tea is a prime example. For green tea lovers looking to add a dash of zip to their favorite blend, Moroccan Mint will come as a welcome surprise.

Green tea is lauded as soothing herbal answer to the many rich tisanals out there. Invigorating and refreshing, it divides tea drinkers – some of whom find it just the right astringent tone and some of whom wish that it were a little richer. Now there's a blend that satisfies both desires, and adds an exotic flare to the mix as well.

Moroccans take such personal delight in their green mint tea that it is often the topic of conversation for long afternoon hours, with people comparing and contrasting the quality of different particular brews. For guests, it is an absolutely necessary welcoming item. In city shops and bazaars; shopkeepers will often offer a tray of glasses to visitors who seem like they might spend some time...and some money.

Moroccan Mint green tea is an uncomplicated pleasure – evocative and precise. Sure to be enjoyed and requested by all partakers.

 Base leaf: Organic Green tea and Organic Peppermint

Health properties: Source of antioxidants. Source of immune-system boosting catechins

Flavor strength: Mild, crisp, astringent. Primary collection is mint.

Caffeine: low.

Customer Reviews

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Not as "minty" as I'd hoped
Hmmmm. If our Moroccan Mint is not minty enough for you, try adding more mint. We have it available by the ounce as well. Thanks!
Where's the mint?!
We are so sorry there was not enough mint in your tea. We are going to send you some organic mint to add to your Moroccan Mint green tea. That should do the trick!
Love this tea
Moroccan Mint is one of our evening favorites too. Because it is 1/4 peppermint, 1/4 spearmint and 1/2 gunpowder green tea, the caffeine level is low, and the taste excellent!