Gyokuro - Loose Green Tea


A Hand Crafted Japanese Loose Tea.

A tea whose preparation illustrates luxury: Gyokuro finds a deep green flavor that avoids acridness; filtering a pure sun-to-leaf flavor collection that is come by in a rather intriguing way. Each Gyokuro crop is grown to a healthy point in its infancy before being plunged into shadows: covered from sunlight. The tea plants then undergo a state of survivalist function in which they produce more chlorophyll, deepening their green color and priming the sweet waves that roll through their green collection.  Thus you have this pampered, proven blend: a green unlike many with a lulling sweetness that makes it perfect for a contemplative, break-time cup. Carefully developed, it's health properties are heightened as it produces a different range of vitamins and other elements. 


Among other benefits are noted weight control properties, immune system boosters, and compounds like EGCG antioxidants which provide potent cleansing as well as an anti-carcinogenic.  Another tremendous benefit is the focus and clarity delivered by an amino acid, L-Theanine. Ancient Chinese monks discovered that drinking green teas helped in their meditation by providing alertness and focus. Gyokuro delivers a strong punch of L-theanine, making it a good tea in the afternoon at the office. 

Buddhist monks drink green tea for alertness and focus.
Read the blog post about Buddhist monks and green tea. Learn the potent ingredients in tea that help them achieve Nirvana.


 Gyokuro green tea makes for a delicious, uncharacteristically smooth experience. It's special preparation leads to a surprising sweetness, as if this green tea left the garden one day and, wandering, found itself in a sweet-aired oasis, lingering to pass the time and never waking up again.


Base leaf: Green tea
Health properties: Strong anti oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. Weight-control 
Flavor strength: Moderate, clear green. Primary collection is near-sweet green. Straight 
primary notes and deepening aroma.
Caffeine: Medium to high


Customer Reviews

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We call Gyokuro the Cadillac of Green Tea. Truly, it is a treasure!
Gyokuro tea review
At Good Life Tea we often refer to Gyokuro as the 'Cadillac of Green Teas' meaning it is absolutely the top of the line. It needs a shorter steeping time than most teas and at a lower temperature (185 degrees). You have found the best, we hope you continue to enjoy it for a long time to come. Thank you for your review!
My favorite green!!!
Gyokuro is considered the Cadillac of green tea. Once discovered, you may never find another green tea that is quite so flavorful!