Ginger n Green - Loose Green Tea


A great tea to enjoy after a meal. 

This blend of ginger root and a sturdy Sencha style green tea makes a classic combo. Add a bit of honey and its a fantastic winter tea to ward off a cold. 

The green tea has a touch of astringency, common in teas, but its tamed by the sharp and spicy ginger root. The ginger is not overpowering at all, but is a rather nice counter note to the green tea.

After a meal the ginger provides a nice digestive aid while the green tea is good for cleansing the palate for fresh breath and neutralizing acid which can hurt your teeth.   

Try it iced.

Ginger n Green makes a great iced tea. With a little squeeze of lemon, your friends will be asking you for the recipe. Preparation is super easy with our Iced Tea Pitcher .  Keep some close by in the fridge all summer for a refreshing healthy alternative to sugary sodas..

Base leaf: Green tea with bits of dried ginger root
Health properties:  general restorative and proven antioxidant powers.
Flavor strength: Balance of Green tea over ginger
Caffeine: Moderate.

Customer Reviews

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Thanks for your review and conveying your observation.. Ginger is so very good for a tired tummy!
Ginger n Green is one of our newest teas. Thank you so much for letting us know you like it.
Really good iced, but it is a milder green
A good rule when looking for more flavor, particularly from a green tea, is to add a bit more. Never try to enhance the flavor by steeping it longer, it can become bitter! Try it, Tara, and see what you think. ~Susan