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Roasted Yerba Mate - Organic

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  • Steeping Instructions

    1 teaspoon per 8 oz of water. Fluffy leaves like some Oolongs, use 2 teaspoons. For stronger tea use more tea.   There is no hard and fast rules on steeping except over steeping may make tea bitter.   If you are unsure, try cooler water and shorter steeping times. Below are general steeping instructions.  For best results, follow the steeping instructions that came with your tea.
    To estimate water temperature use a thermometer or wait a 2-3 minutes after the water stops boiling. Then the water temperature should be about 165- 185 F. You can gauge water temperature by looking at the bubbles forming at the bottom of the tea kettle.  When pin size bubbles form, the water temperature is about 185F. To take the guess work out of water temperatures, try our electric tea kettle.

    Tea Type Steeping Temperature Steeping Time
    White Tea  170-185 F 1-3 minutes
    Green Tea 170-185 F 2-3 minutes
    Oolong Tea 170-190 F 2-3 minutes
    Black Tea 200-212 F 3-5 minutes
    Tisanes 212 F 4-7 minutes

       Fruit and herbal teas are also referred to as tisanes.

Do you love the lift from caffeine but avoid it because of the dreaded crash?

Heralded as the new “it” drink, Organic Roasted Mate Tea may be just what you are looking for. Many feel that Organic Roasted Yerba Mate loose leaf tea provides the benefits of caffeine without the downsides - the jitters, the crash and upset stomach.

For those who are caffeine averse or who do not metabolize caffeine well yet still want the positive qualities of a strong caffeinated drink, Roasted Yerba Mate will fit the bill. It is usually a morning drink since it has more stimulants than other teas or even coffee.  Not surprisingly, it is an excellent afternoon pick-me-up as well because the brew is energy-giving without the “crash” of coffee because the stimulant substances are released into the body gradually, producing sustained alertness, clear thought and increased focus. But mental acuity is not the only health benefit of Mate Herbal Tea. Antioxidant ( chlorogenic acid) and vitamin C rich as well as gentle on the stomach, this tea has beneficial effects on the central nervous system and there is some compelling evidence it may curtail hypertension and decrease potential liver cirrhosis, among other health benefits.

Roasted Yerba Mate loose leaf tea may have rich health benefits without many of the downsides of coffee or tea rich in caffeine, but it also has a rich history.  From a plant indigenous to Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries, the roasting process of Mate distinguishes this Herbal "tea" from other teas. It is this roasting process reminiscent of a great coffee bean that produces a coffee-like, nutty flavor with toasty caramel notes much like black tea. Rich and smooth, Yerba Mate is traditionally drunk in South America from a specific gourd, known as a “mate,” and through a straw. So revered is this drink for its flavor and therapeutic properties, natives call it “the drink of the Gods.” Now, it can be steeped or brewed in a tea infuser and served warm rather than hot. Coffee drinkers everywhere are laying down their coffee mugs and are being converted to Mate drinkers by this fine, strong, and beneficial tea. Get to know this "Gaucho Tea", order some today.

Base leaf: Organic Herbal
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known, vitamin C content, stomach positive.
Flavor strength: Full, Primary collection is roasted, clear, with nutty and caramel notes.
Caffeine: Very High. Not before bedtime.
Add fruit juice and you will have a real Fruit Punch. (pun intended)

Customer Reviews

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A Must Try!

I have recently quit coffee after discovering Good Life Tea, and the only issue I was having was headaches due to lack of caffeine. Susan gave a sample of this to me on my latest of many trips, and it is WONDERFUL! It has a kick that doesn't leave you feeling tired later, and it made my headache disappear within the hour. Also, it tastes good too! I will be buying more of this, I think I have found the perfect first cup of morning tea. The added health benefits are a plus too! See you soon, Susan and Rob! Thank You!!!

Yerba Mate's caffeine profile is a great solution for tea lovers who want an energized feeling similar to coffee. So glad you are feeling better and like the taste of mate! See you soon, Tracy!
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