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Gentle Slumber - organic herbal loose leaf tea

This blend of rooibos, chamomile and peppermint is a powerful mix of herbs known for their calming effects.  Chamomile is the ancient herb from the Roman empire and has been used to bring about restful sleep. You can actually see whole chamomile flowers in the herbal tea blend.  Rooibos is a relative new arrival, only used in the last 200 years as a tisane.  Grown only in the Cederberg, South Africa, rooibos is naturally caffeine free, and is loaded with anti-oxidants, which helps prevent many diseases. It is the reddish brown leaves in this tisane. The last ingredient, Peppermint has a huge calming effect on the stomach as a digestive aid and gives this tea a nice bright lingering finish. Peppermint is the green leaves in the tisane.

Enjoy this tea to bring calmness to your day or just prior to bedtime. Because it contains no caffeine, its safe for children to enjoy. Create a nice evening ritual with this herbal tea. 

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Tasty lullaby

Easily the best tasting "sleepy tea" that I have tried so far with similar results to the others. Helps take the edge off and ready the mind for bedtime, but in a tastier manner.

We appreciate your review and hope you will also try C of Tranquility, Lakeside Calm and Earl Grey with lavender. They are other great 'sleepy' time teas.
My new favorite!

It's so simple yet perfectly balanced in my opinion. The peppermint is just enough to make it refreshing without it being overpowered, and the rooibos and chamomile are great together. And! Honey is AWESOME in this tea. Bravo. Gonna order a bigger bag of this one next time.

Gentle Slumber is fairly new to us at Good Life tea and it already has become a favorite. So glad you discovered it!
Lovely Company

Absolutely loved the Gentle Slumber Tea! My order came in just a few days and there was a very nice handwritten note and some samples of different types of tea. I will definitely be ordering again!

We offer quite a few 'sleepy time' type teas and are happy you found Gentle Slumber. Maybe you will like some of the others as well. Nighty night!

Hi, Rob. Your version of “Sleepytime tea” smells so inviting and is incredibly flavorful. I’m buying more as soon as I run out.

Thanks Sara~ We mixed up Gentle Slumber here based on feedback from our customers. It seems to do the trick! Thanks for letting us know that you like it.
Lives up to its Name

Gentle Slumber is exactly what I had last night after enjoying a cup of this fragrant tea with a bit of mint. So glad I ordered it! Thank you Good Life Tea for your wonderful and personal service. Living in Florida I only have access to your wonderful teas by mail order and you never disappoint.

Thank you for your kind words and review. You certainly have made the day of everyone here at Good Life Tea!