Egyptian Delta Nile Chamomile - Loose Organic Herbal Tea


Sourced directly from rich banks of Nile River in Egypt - the land of Pharaohs.

This fertile loamy soil is where the world’s best Chamomile has been grown for ages.  Valued by the Romans and Egyptians this wonder herb is the go-to bed-time sleep inducing tea.

This herbal is made exclusively from the tiny golden flowers which are sun dried in the desert heat. This premium grade has an unforgettable strong honey notes which you will associate with bed time and pleasant dreams. Enjoy this organic chamomile tea plain or with honey and lemon, and even a bit of mint or lavender. 

Get this proven sleep tonic. Works wonders for kids and adults

Often Chamomile is mispelled as Camomile. 

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Egyptian Chamomile Tea

Great product. Saves my stomach and really lowers the inflammation I experience from my Diverticulitis flare ups. Tastes great too.

It's it profoundly awesome when something that is so good for you also tastes so good? You may also want to try C of Tranquility or Ginger's Island for equally good results!
Chamomile by any other name

As I mentioned in an earlier review, the service by this merchant is great. In the interest of full disclosure, I was born into and nurtured by the Latino tradition that has known Manzanilla aka chamomile for generations, if not eons. I was drinking this gift from the gods before I could talk! That said, this particular product is spectacular... I recommend it highly. You cannot go wrong.

It is so rich I I found it suited me better at 1 teaspoon per cup... I find it perfect for me and the next generation at 5 to 6 grams for a bit less than 480ml of water; steeped between 3-3.5 minutes. I final bit of bias: if you haven’t don’t it, please try the loose herb approach to preparing manzanilla... this can be annoying, messy or both but you will not regret it.

Thank you and best wishes...

We can't ask for a better review! Thank you for your evaluation and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you often.
Egyptian Delta Nile Chamomile

This is my favorite evening cup of tea. I am a tea drinker but it's not smart to drink tea with caffeine at night. So this is the right nightly cup of tea which is delicious. It tastes & smells like real Chamomile flowers and no caffeine.

Thank you Mary. You should also know that we have other teas that contain chamomile. You might want to try C of Tranquility and Gentle Slumber . They are so relaxing and soothing!
Flavorful Tea

This Chamomile tea is very good. It has a subtle flavor, not overpowering. I would
definitely buy it again!

The Egyptian chamomile we carry is noted for being balanced and flavorful. We mix it in a few of our fruit teas. Pure bliss!
Amazing chamomile

One of my new favorite nighttime teas

Our camomile is tasty and does the trick. Thank you and nighty night.