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Double walled insulated glass cup - 3 sizes
$ 8.00
Either the 4 oz, 5 oz or the 10 oz glass cup allows you to observe the wide variety of colors that tea can be brewed in, from the delicate yellow-green of Kyoto Cherry Rose, to the rich burgundy of Orange Blossom Oolong. The double walled construction also creates an illusion that your drink is floating in the cup. Made from super heat resistant borasilicate glass (pyrex) these cups can handle the hot temperatures. The double walled construction shields the heat and cold away from your hands and keeps the tea hotter or colder longer than regular cups.   Cold iced tea and cocktails in regular cups sweat in the summer heat and require a coaster. Because either of these cups is insulated, there is no sweat and no need for coasters.  There is nothing worse than a ruined table finish because of water rings from sweating cups. Price is for...
Double Walled Heat Resistant Glass Mug - 12 and 16 ounce
$ 14.00
A tea mug with  elegant design which also keeps your tea warmer longer.  A must have for a every tea drinker. Grab two for yourself - one for home and one for the office. This item is available in 12 oz or 16 oz.   The borosilicate double walled insulating properties of this tea cup keeps the cup cooler to the touch than regular cups, while keeping your tea hot longer.  With its clear glass,  you will enjoy the beautiful colors from the varieties of teas you enjoy. Borosilicate glass is different from ordinary glass because it will not crack with rapid temperature changes that occur when making tea.  Because it is heat resistant it can be made thinner and lighter which adds elegance.  The double walled construction also creates an interesting effect which makes you tea look like it is floating inside the cup. This cup is certainly a conversation starter with...
Glass Tea Pot Warmer
$ 18.00
Keep your tea warm with this elegant candle heated tea pot warmer. Fits nicely with our 27 ounce glass tea pot. One tea candle included.
Glass Tea Mug with Stainless Steel Infuser (Strainer) & Lid
$ 28.00
Why Do You Need This? This kit includes a tea mug, infuser and lid and is perfect for home or office.  It allows you to steep while chilling in your easy chair enjoying some "me time" or at your office desk. This is the easiest way to make tea for yourself. The mug, infuser and lid work together to make an excellent cup of loose leaf tea. The secret is the lid that doubles as a coaster on which you can place the wet infuser to keep things tidy. Top quality materials. Order yours today. Get and extra one for the office.  Free shipping available. Simple, Neat and Perfect Make a hot cuppa using the tea infuser basket right inside the 16 ounce Pyrex glass tea mug.  This all in one, 3 piece kit is the best way to brew a single cup of your favorite loose leaf tea.  The Loose...
Classic Design 28 Ounce Glass Tea Pot
$ 32.00
Loose Tea Made Easy This Pyrex (borosilicate) teapot can brew up 3 - 4 cups of loose leaf tea or tea bag teas.  The glass construction allows you keep an eye on your tea while it steeps.  This is especially useful for green teas which if oversteeped and can get bitter. This large capacity teapot is a perfect centerpiece for your next tea party. The glass will show off the pretty colors for our herbal and fruit teas which brew up in a wonderful variety of colors.  This teapot works nicely with blooming teas. We recommend this teapot because of its large capacity which allows for a wonderful presentation of these spectacular teas. Over 7 minutes, you can watch the blooming of the tea which slowly reveals the bright centerpeice flower. Click here to see our blooming tea. How to use this teapot Place the glass infuser in the teapot.  ...
50 Ounce Glass Iced Tea Pitcher
$ 37.00
Iced Tea Simple, Neat and Elegant Brew ice tea inside this heat resistant Pyrex glass iced tea pitcher!  It is fast, easy and gives you the flexibility to brew your hot or cold loose leaf teas almost instantly.  Add this pitcher to your teaware collection today and start enjoying refreshing healthy iced tea now. You might consider getting 2 pitchers. Cold Steeping Ice Tea If you've heard of cold-brewed coffee, this is the tea equivalent.  This pitcher allows you to brew iced tea without ever boiling water.  Add your tea (which should be just enough to cover the bottom of the pitcher), and pour in water straight from your tap.  Then, put the lid back on, and leave in it your refrigerator for 2-6 hours.  Without ever boiling the water, you have tea.  The whole process should involve about 40 seconds of effort on your part.  Furthermore, because the water is never boiling, we've found that...
Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser- 24 ounce capacity
$ 37.00
Versatile and Beautiful Want to be able to watch you tea steep?  This borosilicate glass teapot handles the heat and is stylishly cool.  The large removable infuser basket allows a thorough infusion of your loose leaf tea with the tea water while keeping sediment to a minimum. The infuser basket is removable, so perfect tea is a cinch every time. Place your tea infuser on this matching dish to catch any stray drips. The borosilicate glass can withstand the high temperatures needed for brewing tea and yet is lightweight and durable. You can even heat the teapot in the microwave.  The removable push-on-lid is an innovative feature.  Made from food grade silicone rubber, the lid attaches to the teapot firmly but is easily removed for microwaving or cleaning. The lid stay on firmly when pouring. To pour tea, use you thumb to open the lid. The largest teapot is a wonderful...
68 Ounce Glass Iced Tea Pitcher (Jug)
$ 64.00
FREE SHIPPING This is a serious pitcher, for serious people, who drink serious iced tea.    If you are hosting a large family gathering, hydrating a sports team, or working in the garden all day, this is the iced tea pitcher for you.  Its 68 ounce capacity means that it holds more than half a gallon of tea.  And, it's unique large-basket design and high-quality materials means that you can brew your teas right in this pitcher, all in less than ten minutes.  LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SIMILAR, BUT SMALLER.   Check out these similar teapots   Check out this smaller Iced Tea Pitcher   Why is there a large metal tube in my pitcher?  That is the infuser basket!  The key to a good cup of tea, other than having great tea leaves, using clean water, and following the steeping instructions, is having a large infuser basket.  This pitcher has...