Vanilla Loose Leaf Black Tea


Let's consider the character of a black tisanal. Straightness and clarity are two prized characteristics of a classic black tea. A plain, unassuming nature is fundamental to this “grown up” brew. Sound familiar? Vanilla has long had a similar reputation among flavorings. Consider the collection found in a vanilla-centric aroma. It's simple, clean, vaguely sweet, ready to be blended.

Possessive of itself and avoiding any analysis: vanilla is, upon deeper inspection, a well-positioned mate for black tea. Vanilla Black proves this as it gains ground through its quiet, uncomplicated collection. With health qualities and upper-class details taking the sideline; flavor is key here: Vanilla Black as a somewhat sweet experience. In terms of direct description: the “beany” quality of vanilla flavoring is present here, lying somewhat delicately over the black leaf base. Both notes provide a milder sensation, and each pulls its modest weight in joining up to create the final product: Vanilla black tea.

Enjoy it hot, cold, morning, noon, or night.

Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: Reported restorative properties..
Flavor strength: Medium, evocative. Primary collection is vanilla.
Caffeine: Medium.

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Vanilla tea
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Soft Vanilla Flavor
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